Jamie Foxx Samuel L Jackson Talk George Zimmerman Verdict at Comic Con

Foxx and Jackson talk Zimmerman verdict at Comic Con
Apart from all the regular topics at this year’s Comic Con, the George Zimmerman trial verdict and the death of Trayvon Martin were on the menu for at least two celebrities attending the event. Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson talked about the racially charged trial and it’s controversial climax at the San Diego event.

Shortly after US President Barack Obama delivered a statement to the nation on his feelings about the controversial trial that dealt with Trayvon Martin’s death and George Zimmerman’s not guilty finding, both celebrities gave their take on the issue.

Jamie Foxx, the 45 year-old White House Down star, was at Comic Con to promote his latest role as the “big bad” Electro in the film sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The actor was with his daughter, four year-old Annalise who was decked out with Spider-Man backpack and shoes, and as he held his daughter, he spoke of his disappointment about the not guilty findings of the jury in Florida.

Foxx has been supportive of Trayvon Martin’s family from the very start of the case. He’s been very vocal in his feelings about the issue after he’d met the dead teenager’s mother Sybrina Fulton during an awards show.

The Durango Unchained Star talked about Fulton’s bravery, the universal nature of support for the Trayvon trial and verdict and America’s gun violence.

Foxx said, “She’s always been courageous in saying this has never been about race. She said it’s about 17-year-old kids. We have to protect our kids. So I stand with her forever.” Foxx continued, “It was great to see Bruce Springsteen in Ireland dedicate a song to Trayvon. I think that’s what really makes it universal in the fact that we know that there’s race involved, but to see all races coming together and saying that hey, there’s something wrong. There’s something wrong when a 17-year-old child is on his way home and someone with a gun pursues him and he ends up losing his life.”

Foxx also pointed out that gun deaths were reaching “epidemic” proportions in the US, He pointed out, “When you look at Sandy Hook and Aurora and all these different things where we’re losing our children. Chicago — 67 kids, people killed in a week — we have an epidemic. And it’s up to us as the grown folks to be smart enough and intelligent and nice to each other to have a difference of opinion, but also understand that we have to come to a solution.”

Jamie Foxx’s co-star from Django Unchained, Samuel L. Jackson was also attending Comic Con at San Diego. The Nick Fury actor spent his day plugging the new remake of the 1987 cult classic Robocop. He also took time to talk about the George Zimmerman verdict and his feelings about the case.

Jackson has been a very busy man this year. His filming schedule has been full and he explained that he had been out of the country working for most of the trial coverage and that he’d missed most of it and the verdict. But the 69 year-old actor said he didn’t feel that the “not guilty verdict” was unexpected.

Jackson said, “I’m not really surprised by it considering the way the case was presented and the representation that the family had, and the portrayals that they put out there of the kid and how peoples’ [sic] attitudes are about those particular things.”

But despite the controversy surrounding the high interest and racially volatile case, Jackson said that he felt optimistic. He said that, if nothing else, he was, “encouraged by the attitude of people after the verdict, that people are willing to stand up and take a stand and get out in the streets, and let their voices be heard.”

Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson taking time out from their busy promotional schedule at the San Diego Comic Con to talk about Trayvon Martin’s death and George Zimmerman’s verdict shows just how much the case is still in everyone’s thoughts. The news that Zimmerman may still face more time in a courtroom will guarantee that the public will not forget either Martin or Zimmerman anytime soon.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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