Katherine Jackson Denies Physical Abuse By Joe Jackson, Keeps Quiet

Emotional Day for Katherine

Katherine Jackson Denies Physical Abuse By Joe Jackson, Keeps Quiet

Katherine Jackson spoke on Friday during the lawsuit against AEG Live, and it was very emotional. Katherine was finally able to tell the public and, in her eyes the villain: concert promoter AEG Live, about what she thinks has been the wrongful death of her son Michael Jackson. She claims that the concert promoter didn’t care about her son and was only in it for the money and therefore they neglected to provide proper medical attention for her son, when he became ill during the preparations for his concerts in 2009. (These concerts were supposed to be his comeback.) However Michael’s life has always been filled with drama. It started with the physical abuse by his father Joe, when Michael was very young. His mother has never stepped in, and now by not talking about it, denies that anything happened. She keeps quiet about it, but did talk about the humble beginnings of the family.

It was a very difficult day for Katherine and she couldn’t hide or even contain her emotions when she spoke about Michael and what happened. She had such a hard time talking about his untimely passing that the cross-examination had to be suspended until Katherine could compose herself. Michael’s children had already taken the stand during the lawsuit that they brought against AEG Live. However this was the first time Michael’s mother spoke openly to the court.

The nitty gritty of the lawsuit is that AEG Live allegedly hired Dr. Conrad Murray as the personal doctor for Michael. Murray administered multiple drugs to Michael including the one that killed him in the end: propofol. Conrad was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011.

Katherine Jackson talked warmly about her son, about their humble beginnings and that Michael was alway musically gifted, even when he was a baby. However she didn’t talk about the unspeakable things that went on in the house related to Michael and his father, Joe.  Therefore she denies the physical abuse and once again remains silent. She did talk about Michael’s death. She said: “I want to find out what happened to my son. My son was being pressured,” she continued. “He asked for his father. My son was sick. Nobody said ‘Call the doctor. What’s wrong with him?’ Nobody said that.” When the defendant suggested that Michael did have a doctor Katherine said: “My son needed another doctor, an outside doctor, not Dr. Murray.”

What do you think? Is AEG Live to blame? Or was his death due to his own doing and lifestyle? For now we have to wait until September for the trial to reveal its findings. Do you agree that Katherine denies the physical abuse that Joe Jackson inflicted upon his son by not talking about it? Why does she keep quiet? Do you think the defense will bring it up? The prosecution seeks to blame his history of medication usage, and not the fact that he was sick because of the gruelling schedule for the “This is It” tour?

By Georgina Pijttersen


2 Responses to "Katherine Jackson Denies Physical Abuse By Joe Jackson, Keeps Quiet"

  1. ultravioletrae   July 21, 2013 at 11:55 am

    Does the “Guardian Express” have school children writing articles now? I read the court transcripts from Mrs. Jackson’s testimony on Friday and this article doesn’t resemble what was actually addressed in court. Why the fictionalization? There was plenty of interesting testimony to write about.

  2. daphnevickie   July 21, 2013 at 1:37 am

    She’s not there for what Joe Jackson did, she’s there for what she believes AEG neglected to do for her son no matter what his “lifestyle” was.

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