Lady Gaga Haute Couture Explained-Designers Are Insane

Tim Gunn Wasn't There To Help, Make It Work!

Haute Couture explained

Have you ever wondered why those ridiculous outfits sashay down the runway? Most of those outfits makes you wonder if they were secretly filming “Project Runway,” and couldn’t find Tim Gunn anywhere? Right, right? Well no, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but there is a reason for Haute Couture shows. (Apart from being Lady Gaga’s potential new looks.) It’s not lucrative or anything. Most outfits are sewn by hand, and only come in one size: zero or less. Then why would they bother? Just to make us smile or wonder if the designers really went off the deep end? Read on and find out: Haute Couture explained, designers are quite possibly insane.

Sure that too, because fashion without drama is not fashion at all. (Either you do stuff to get noticed or just don’t do it at all.) Another issue that would be best to discuss at a later point is whether designers hate women, or just have no clue. Either way the secret about Haute Couture is; that it serves as an appetizer. It’s meant to wet your fashion taste buds. Maybe not for the public at large, but definitely for the designers back at the drawing board, who take their cue from huge creative names like Chanel, and Gucci. (We have sadly lost one of the greatest; Alexander McQueen.)

Lets have a look at some of the more crazy outfits, your opinions about it, and the possible result we will soon see in our H&M, Mango or even at one point at our local Target. (Because lets get real here, didn’t we all condemn UGG boots at one point? Calling them elephant ankles? However your feet sure were warm this winter, and the winter before that. Also leggings without skirts? Wasn’t that too eighties? Well not anymore according to Autumn 2012.)

Number 1)  the Haute Couture Snuggie  (Are designers insane?) by Christopher Josse (photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images)

Haute Couture Explained

Tour opinion: “I didn’t know Gandalf had a daughter!” and “Looks like a laundry sack with fur on one end. Not attractive although with a few embellishments it easily could have been.” with: “A babushka!” “Lady Gaga would wear this without a doubt.”

What probably will happen next, Haute Couture Snuggie explained: a Poncho with this pattern, and some furry bits either discreetly at the top or lined at the bottom. (Probably not as long as this one, just to avoid law suits. Most people are not top model tall.) Long types of winter coats with sleek silhouette, and some discreet fake fur. In addition there might be a hint that we will be wearing poncho orcaftan styles next summer. Sandals + poncho makes a weird but new beach look. (Be done with the beach scarf just cover us whole.)

Number 2) Aura Tout Vu blood-stained shirt-dress (photo: Francois Durand/Getty Images

Haute Couture Explained

Your opinion: “Did she just kill someone? Looks like blood splatter.” and “This is what happens when you stand too close to the dye packets when they explode!”

What will happen next: We are probably going to see some shirt-dresses with these type of sleeves, albeit less dramatic, and more wearable. The strange rib-cage metal decorations are very expensive to produce on mass scale, therefore it might get swapped for something cheaper or left out all together. The blood spatter thing is very hip, and hot right now. Due to “The Walking Dead” and “True Blood,” therefore we are definitely going to see t-shirts with that print, skirts, and jackets. Whether or not it will be shown exactly like this, is highly unlikely. The ear-rings will be inspired by this, but for sure shorter, and wearable. The shoes are already a hit, and we will see many cheaper versions. So strap in for the blood ride we will soon be on.

number 3) Iris Van Herpen “tree dress for all your natural cocktail party needs” photo: Antonio de Moreas Barros Filho/WireImage

Haute Couture explained


Your Opinion: “the designer was inspired by his office paper shredder?” and “I filled my kids Easter basket with the same stuff!”

What will happen next? Well the truth is Iris Van Herpen is mostly an artist. Her fashion or Haute Couture isn’t sold to customers who actually wear the statement pieces. They are usually sold to museums. In order to show “clothing deconstructed” a new way of approaching the manufacturing of clothing. Therefore we might see some details in retail clothing that reminds you of this statement piece.

Haute Couture is very High Brow, and is not for the masses. (Lady Gaga uses Haute Couture power to stay on top of her game.) However not all designers are even legit Haute Couture houses. In modern France, Haute Couture is a “protected name” that can be used only by firms that meet certain well-defined standards. However not all of the designers take this very seriously, and try to sell you on the idea that it is very fancy clothing just to mark up the price. What do you think? Does it seem like the emperor’s new clothes or does it make sense that it’s more like a concept piece for other designers to get inspired? Haute Couture can be explained, but if designers are truly insane that’s for you to judge.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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