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Ryan Reynolds Double Trouble with Two Box Office Flops

Ryan Reynolds Double Trouble at the Box Office

Ryan Reynolds is in the unenviable position of having two of his films hitting the box office this weekend. And it looks like Reynolds has double trouble on his hands as both films look likely to be box office flops.

Reynolds plays second banana to Jeff Bridges in R.I.P.D. and in Turbo he’s the snail with a dream. At least in Turbo, Reynolds has more of a star-studded supporting cast. Samuel L Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Paul Giamatti are along for the “ride.” We won’t talk about Snoop Dog. Okay?

Sure, in R.I.P.D. he’s got Kevin Bacon (and when’s the last time that Bacon was in a “big” film, anyone?) and Bruce Willis’s girlfriend from Red and Red 2 Mary-Louise Parker – who, incidentally, is opening in the competition’s film Red 2 playing Willis’ girlfriend again.

With initial box office receipts looking pretty grim already for the Bridges/Reynolds picture, Reynolds doesn’t need any more competition than he has already with his Turbo animated picture drawing in the few kids who didn’t like Despicable Me 2 and are too young to appreciate the geriatric gun toting crew in Red 2.

Both of Reynolds’ films look to be “slow starters.” Predictions for R.I.P.D. are dire with the amount of $10 million being bandied about and Turbo is reckoned to pull in about twice that amount over the weekend. These predictions are based on the poor results from Friday’s matinee box office receipts.

The fact that Ryan Reynolds has double openings for the weekend and that each might actually flop spells trouble for the actor. Trouble that will affect his pocket book.

The other film that are competing for the all mighty box office dollar this weekend is James Wan’s The Conjuring. But Wan’s film and Turbo are both going to appeal to a completely different target demographic. Children and, hopefully for the studios, their parents will head towards Turbo and the younger horror crowd will flock, no doubt, to see The Conjuring.

While Turbo will draw in the young family crowd almost exclusively, The Conjuring could steal a few older viewers form R.I.P.D. and Red 2. And theirin lays the problem for Reynolds and his two opening films.

His film with Bridges is obviously aiming for the older demographic of moviegoer. The film was set for July 19 opening quite some time ago and it looked, initially, as though it would have little competition over the weekend from other films that were catering to the older audience member.

Then along came Red 2. A film that features more “older” actors than just Bridges as well as the lovely Mary-Louise Parker and the gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones (Douglas) and may have that slight edge to luring in the more mature cinema goers.

There are two other films this weekend that may draw away from Reynolds’ films, the other Ryan, the Gosling one is in Only God Forgives and the Kristen Wiig comedy, Girl Most Likely, will appeal to all the gals who don’t have any “chick flicks” to watch and the Gosling film will also appeal to a younger, and possibly female, audience as well.

But with the news not being too favorable for any of the aforementioned films, it is only Reynolds who will suffer if both his films go on to become flops over the weekend. If they don’t do well, the double trouble won’t make his asking price for future films escalate. Even with the only real competition being The Conjuring, it doesn’t look like either of his films will be pulling in big box office figures by the time the takings are tallied on Monday.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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