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There are literally tens of thousands of dietary supplements available for purchase today. How do you know which ones to take, how many to take or if you ought to take any at all? With so many options and a variety of opinions pushing you and pulling you to this bottle or that, one has to ask the question ‘which one is right for me?’ The truth of the matter is that every body is different, and depending on your current conditions, lifestyle and attitude, your dietary requirements are going to reflect the needs and expressions of your particular experience. Since everyone is unique, this article is going to highlight 5 favorite supplements of what you might term ‘immortal masters’ – those who are embodying the pinnacle attitude of health, or striving to.

What is a pinnacle attitude of health?

An attitude of health which reflects the knowing that though our bodies have the potential to be self-regenerating and self-healing, an awareness exists of the toxins battling for residence in our bodies and minds.  To know what you are up against, with a positive ability to trust that actions taken support innate knowing, instead of battling the ‘unknown’ in hopes to prevent probable illness.  There is a difference, no?  When you know you are over-all healthy, born with the right to express and experience health and you are interested in ‘upping’ the game by supplementing the body in order to experience a heightened manifestation of wellness and clarity – this is the attitude of the ‘immortal master’ – the one who endures.  If, on the other hand, you approach health thinking illness is expected and supplements are taken as merely a problem-solver, immune booster and a weapon in the perpetual attack ‘against’ things, this attitude is different, and therefore might require other supplements than are listed here.

With that said, the five supplements highlighted as favorites of immortal masters begins with one many may not describe as a ‘supplement’ and may disapprove of me doing so – leaving out so many other possible qualifiers for this position.  However, give the truth that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated and sit unaware of how this reality affects the quality of their health and potential enlightenment, I must start by addressing the most vital nutrient for our human forms, water.

1- Water

Covering the majority of the planet and composing the majority of our own bodies, water is not just a supplement, but a critical tool, the consumption of which dictates the very experience of our lives.  Without enough of this vital fluid, all elements in the body vehicle suffer, including the emotions, mental states and our connection with something greater.  One could go as far as saying: without adequate water in the body temple, one spends a lifetime struggling to survive by what is deems ‘outer’ circumstances. While the truth is- one dies a slow death silently gasping for the fluid of life which would allow him to then, charter the journey of his experiences in the majestic ship of her body fully enlivened.

Water is counted as a supplement of the immortal masters here because in order to align with that reality and find oneself elevated beyond mere struggling mortal-status, we must begin to supplement our current lifestyle with what we have previously overlooked, precious water.  Even those of us who know the value of the crystal clear fluid of earth and make moves to drink it often, could still stand to take in more of this liquid in order to melt away the jagged edges of life’s roughness.

Studies say that 37% of people have their thirst mechanism so unplugged that it is mistaken, instead for our addiction to food.  People eat instead of drinking water, when that is what the body is truly asking for.  The body’s metabolism slows by 30% without adequate water supply and even being mildly dehydrated is responsible for a huge list of symptoms accompanying or proceeding all major illness.

To drink more water is not simply to turn on the tap and fill up, though that is a start.  Most of today’s drinking water is laced with harmful chemicals including chlorine, fluoride (another topic visited here) and other ‘water cleaning’ by-products.  To get clean water requires some kind of water filtration system these days – preferably in reverse osmosis and some kind of charcoal filter, at the very least.  There are some excellent filtration systems available on the market today as well as some top notch filtered water companies like Starfire water, who actually charges their water with high vibrational frequencies utilizing Dr. Emoto’s studies on water, as well as including supplement number 2 (listed below) in their formula.  Granted, this is high-end water, not everyone needs to aspire for this particular configuration, however, creating some intention around obtaining high quality water and consuming a lot of it is important for health, vitality and aspiring immortals.

One method for water purification that is easy and perhaps less expensive, is to acquire food-grade essential oils of lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange and use a drop in a water bottle to kill germs and remove negative effects.  Drinking essential oil treated water will not only enhance the benefits of the water, but likely encourage one to drink more – as the taste improves greatly.  Some people argue that they just don’t like the taste of water and prefer other beverages.  Adding oils to your water can switch the attitude to one of preference for perhaps the most important supplements.  Make sure your choice of essential oils are food-grade as carried by Young Living oils and doTerra, as not all oils are created equal.

When water becomes an integral part of the diet and routine, life will become more fluid, vibrant and deep.  The ability to see clearly will enhance, and strength to over come obstacles will heighten.  Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, and more as you adjust to it.  At least one gallon should be sufficient, for most body sizes.  Listen to the intuition, and if you’re hungry, try a glass of water first.  Studies at the University of Washington reported that a glass of water will shut down 100% of hunger pains at midnight for those who were dieting.  I bet it works for you.

2- White Gold Powder

Also known as ORMUS gold or monoatomic gold, white gold powder is thought to be the fabled ‘philosopher’s stone’ and ‘elixir of life’ granting longevity and spiritual enlightenment to those who discovered its potency.  Several previous articles have been written about specifics to this mystical and mysterious white powder, discovered by Einstein in the 20’s and rediscovered in the 70’s by farmer David Hudson.  (See: Gold You Can Access for Untold Riches and DNA Correction and Body Perfection Through ORMUS Gold) The ingestion of this alchemical powder has been scientifically shown to balance the hemispheres of the brain and induce alpha brain waves states, similar to those who have practiced martial arts and deep meditation practices for many years.

ORMUS gold is recommended to only be taken by aspiring immortal masters, as it is called ‘consciousness elements’, able to amplify thought patterns and project mental energy into materialization.  Using the same principle of basic physics, white gold powder, when ingested, moves energy into matter – or thoughts to things.  An important element to remember when consuming this substance, is to keep your thoughts and intentions pure as to who you wish to be and what you wish to experience, as this element magnifies intentions.  It sounds unreal, though it has been scientifically documented.  Those who are more attuned to their own health and body and who are used to carrying around positive thoughts are best served by this white powder.  Others, should stick to the other four.

3- Raw Cacao

In it’s pristine and pure state, raw chocolate is the ‘food of the gods’, theobroma de cacao.  Thought to be gifted to earth by gods of paradise, raw chocolate is, in and of itself, a pure whole food which some believe can heal the planet.  Those who are in opposition to it’s potency, as many raw foodists today have become, do not take into consideration the ability this plant has to speed up the processing of thoughts and emotions and tune one into the creative flow.  If one is too much in the head, raw cacao can feel much like a stimulant and affect one who seems to be otherwise ‘stable’, in a negative way.  When consumed with the knowledge of what cacao can do for you, it can become a tool for reaching more refined states of creative consciousness as well as purging the subconscious mind of unwanted material.

Physically, raw cacao can be survived on, alone.  It contains all the necessary amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins one needs for life.  In coherence with this vital, life-giving plant, one is able to realize the truth of the body vehicle needing much less food than we currently believe – by tuning into the frequency of inner health and vibrance.

When ingesting raw cacao to tap into the potential of inner mastery, it is important to do so with full consciousness, awareness placed on the food, without distraction, intending what you will.  Raw cacao goes in great concert with white gold powder and when used together, amazing progress can be made in body and mind.  Amazing feats in recognizing personal limitations and transcending mental and emotional boundaries can be made by fasting solely on raw cacao, white gold powder and water.

4-Bee Pollen

Some refer to bee pollen as ‘Mother Nature’s multi-vitamin.’  This delicious bee-collected food is full of every nutrient you can imagine, including the difficult to find brain friendly phosphorus.  In order for our brains to absorb the much needed phosphorus it has to be in the form of lecithin, only found in a few things – namely eggs, soy and bee pollen.  Phosphorus is absolutely essential for proper brain function, especially if you are a ‘big thinker’ or engage in a lot of mental activity – or the high-minded task of evolving consciousness.

Bee pollen is 40% protein, half of which are in amino acid free-form, ready to be utilized.  Considered one the great super foods of nature, bee pollen is packed with every required nutrient and has been used world wide to increase vitality, lengthen life, reduce cravings and regulate nearly every system of the body.  Sounds like a food of the masters to me.  Just a small handful will deliver a power punch of possibilities crucial for those who are keen on perfecting this form.

5- Coconut oil

Several items wrestled for this spot in the top five favorites of immortal masters, but of all the supplements available today hardly any are as versatile in benefits as raw coconut oil.  For both external and internal uses, coconut oil can retard wrinkles, tighten skin, protect the teeth, ward off bacteria, heal wounds, feed the brain, upgrade the immune system and lubricate the entire system for peak performance.  From an anti-age ointment to a base for raw fudge right down to protection on a newborn baby’s bum, nothing beats coconut oil.

Containing natural sunscreen and skin regenerative properties, coconut oil is great to apply daily on the whole body.  As an internal metabolism regulator, nothing else so completely pure and simple has been found to bring weight to its natural balance while doing so many other amazing things.  If you want to talk health-care, this oil is top of its class, and for cooking – nothing beats the heat while retaining all beneficial properties better than coconut oil.

There are many supplements to choose from for a variety of symptoms and issues.  As far as obtaining immortal mastery, I am sure there are many other tricks to the not so common trade (not so common yet anyway); these are 5 simple favorites for such aspirants.  By fine-tuning these bodily machines and not ‘over-whelming’ them with too many components in today’s world of choices, these earthly vehicles can perhaps attain more of what they are capable of:  longer lives, greater abilities, deeper breath, more youthful appearance and who knows what else?  One thing is sure – we will continue to perpetuate dis-ease mentality as long as we focus on it.  To rise above that which we no longer wish to experience it is crucial to raise the bar – and so here we are…speaking of immortality.

(These statements are not meant to cure, diagnose or treat.  They are meant to inspire self-examination, a check in with your intuition, and if necessary – a conversation with someone else who knows more about the subject matter & health).


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Mercola; Envirobee; Silvie and Maryl; Built Lean; Coconut oil info; Subtle Energies Website

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