Syphon Soundwrap Stereo Sound System for Your Helmet [Video]


Imagine yourself reaching for your helmet to go dirt biking. You wipe off the round edges that still have dried dirt from that one day it rained, and the dirt turned into mud. You are sick of hearing your engine roar like a lion with a few growls here and there. You want something else to listen to but when you take that moment to remove your helmet to put your earbuds in but when you put your helmet back on the earbud falls out on one side. Then you finally, after minutes of riding time go by; you get them to fit. You put your helmet back on, and then you are off. But every time you hit a bump it feels like your earbuds are going into your eardrums then once you’re riding is done you take your helmet off only to have your earbuds stuck in your ears. You end up in the emergency room to get them removed. Well, I have a product for you that will help you hear that action-packed music for your adventures riding. It’s a product called the Syphon Soundwrap.

Syphon Soundwrap is an ultra-thin, soft, flexible, stereo sound system for your helmet, beanie or whatever else you put on your head, is just for you the crazy adventurer.

Sweat-proof sleeve, removable for washing (Neoprene + Poly/Elastane blend)
2 Flexible Speakers inside the Wrap (About the size of a 3×5 card)
8 Hour battery
Bluetooth connectivity (Works with smart phone or any other bluetooth enabled device)
Aux-in option if you don’t want to/don’t have access to bluetooth
Disconnect feature so you can remove your headwear without having to remove the Soundwrap.

“We’ve tested our prototypes with dozens of riders and athletes in all kinds of sports. Whether you’re a snowboarder looking to put the Soundwrap in your beanie, a motorcyclist looking to put it in your helmet, a cyclist, a runner, or whatever…The Syphon Soundwrap can change the way you experience action sports through music and change the way you experience music through action sports.”

“Our self-bias electrostatic speakers (SBESL) are different and revolutionary. The technology is amazing and covered by more than twenty patents. Through a proprietary electrochemical process, the membrane is permanently charged. This allows us to create portable applications for SBESLs powered by small lithium ion batteries. The speaker panels are less than 1/10th of an inch thin. And, as you can see in the videos above, the speakers are not only thin but also flexible. This flexibility allows you to form your speakers to your own head and headwear.”

This even sounds cool to put in a pillow for those long drives, and you don’t want your earbuds to be pressed into your ears. Or any pillow really, it would be a lot better than a pillow with a clunky speaker you can feel, but you want to sleep yet you can’t then you put another pillow over the first only to get a muffled sound. Yuck!

I love this idea and the group consisting of Kyle Rawson the Founder and Marketer. Then there is Rob Nelson the electrical engineer, Kyle Kinghorn Mechanical engineer, and finally Trenton Evans the soft goods and textile designer. These four have come together to create a product (I have yet to test. I’m not much of a crazy adventurer), that I think will become second nature to us in a few years, because it will be in anything, we put on our heads.

Check out there Kickstarter if you like to help out. Yep, it’s that cool.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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