Bloody Clashes See 95 Killed in Cairo [Video]

Cairo Clashes, caused by Morsi Deposed

According to AP, at least 95 individuals have been killed, as Cairo descends into utter strife. The bloody clashes began after the capital’s forces violently swept into the region, to remove political protestors, who were offering their support to the deposed ex-leader, President Mohammed Morsi.

A recent article, written by NBC News, suggest a total figure of 95 people have been slain, while well in excess of 800 people remain injured. All the while, the violence seems ever-spreading and a number of key services were suspended.

The United States closed its embassy, churches were attacked on Cairo’s perimeter, and military servicemen have been killed, along with several foreign journalists.

A new video, released by AP, indicates the true extent of the bloody massacre. Please be advised, the video shows graphic scenes, which may offend some viewers.

The footage shows gunshots sounding in the streets of Cairo, as protestors cower and flee from the scene. Other shots demonstrate the crowd’s retaliation, throwing rocks and disabling canisters of, what appear to be, tear gas. Armored vans are seen moving into the area, along with a number of security officials, amidst the scenes of chaos.

The concluding moments of the video also reveal a number of critically injured civilians, packed onto the floor of an unknown facility, many of whom lay prostrate on stretchers.

The campsites were originally erected as a sign of protest, following Morsi’s military-organized removal in early July.

By: James Fenner

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