Gia Allemand Barely Breathing – Could be “Adverse Reaction to Something”

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According to the Daily Mail, Gia Allemand is currently in critical condition, after being placed on life support, late on Monday. It seems the star’s life might hang in the balance. With the details of her medical emergency, so far, unclear and reports that the stars medical issue “… could have been an adverse reaction to something,” there remains quite some mystery surrounding the unfortunate events.

Gia Allemand’s claim to fame arose when she first appeared on seasons of The Bachelor, and Bachelor Pad. Other notable successes include her time as a model, where she won a swimming competition at the young age of 19. She then went on to pose for Maxim, before becoming a professional consultant in the modeling industry, and branching out into other areas of television.

The star was transported to the University Hospital in New Orleans. According to ABC News, one of Allemand’s representatives claimed the star was taken to hospital, due to a “serious emergency medical event,” and is now categorized as being in a critical condition.

A personal friend, Melinda Farina, has revealed a pastor to be at Allemand’s side, during these troubling moments. On her Twitter page she states she is “worried sick,” and, after receiving a large volume of questions, released the following announcement:

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As stated by the Examiner, it appears the star was transferred to an intensive care unit and is “barely breathing.” This corroborates information imparted by Farina, who went on to explain Gia was on life support, with a low pulse, and severe respiratory problems.

Gia had also developed a blossoming relationship with NBA player, Ryan Anderson, who regularly plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. It seems he is currently at her bed side, offering his support, after making an emergency trip to the New Orleans hospital, yesterday night.

Gia Allemand & Ryan AndersonHowever, even more telling, is Farina’s suggestion that her celebrity friend could have encountered “… an adverse reaction to something.” The specifics of this statement are yet to be determined, however, and a separate source has since refuted these claims.

The Daily Mail has recently revealed the words of a spokesperson, representing Mr. Anderson’s basketball team:

“Ryan is with her now at the hospital. It’s a tough situation for everybody to deal with and it was definitely unexpected… We don’t know what exactly happened and we are hoping to speak to her doctors to find out.”

The reality television star’s condition doesn’t appear to show any signs of improvement, and news that she is on life support, as well as struggling to breath, will surely have her family and friends anxious. It remains uncertain as to the meaning behind Farina’s earlier comment that Allemand’s hospitalization could have been instigated by an “… adverse reaction to something,” or what this something might have been. Regardless, we all truly hope that Gia makes a full recovery and is able to make a speedy return to her work.

By: James Fenner

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