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Feds Issue Emergency Alert Ordering Texas Law Enforcement to Prepare for Terrorist Attack

Texas and California Brace for al-Qaeda Attack

Texas and California Brace for Attack

Law enforcement agencies in Texas have received a special threat advisory based on information provided by the Department of Homeland Security indicating Austin, Texas, has been singled out for a terrorist attack on Friday, August 9.  Pasadena, California, is also mentioned in the advisory.

The document was provided to Infowars.com by sources in the Texas State Police Department on Thursday evening as reads as follows: “According to anonymous reporting, a group of trained terrorists are planning to conduct attacks in Austin, Texas and Pasadena, California at the conclusion of the Ramadan period.” The document is marked for official and law enforcement use.

The advisory claims unspecified terrorists or a terrorist group will duplicate the Boston bombing by using backpack explosives. The target is said to be 6tth Street in Austin, a popular tourist attraction that is crowded on weekends.

“Additionally, the group plans to attack a school and theological seminary in the downtown Austin area and complete the attack with operations at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.”

As reported by Infowars.com on Thursday, multi-agency “homeland security” drills will be conducted in the Austin area over the next few weeks. Agencies involved in the joint operation include the FBI, the Austin Police Department, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and the University Of Texas Police Department.

“The public should not be alarmed if they observe unordinary law enforcement or first responder activity over the next few weeks in the Austin area,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw, who is also the Texas Homeland Security Director.  Drills and exercises have served as cover for real or perceived to be real attacks on numerous occasions.

On April 15, the day of the Boston bombing, a drill was in progress during the Boston Marathon. In June, the Boston Globe published a report verifying “Operation Urban Shield,” a drill designed to train dozens of detectives in the Greater Boston area to work together to prevent a terrorist threat. “The real thing happened before we were able to execute,” a law enforcement official told the newspaper.

The threat assessment will undoubtedly result in stepped up police presence in Austin, including the likelihood of police checkpoints and other increased police state activity.

The Austin warning arrives as homeland security officialdom and the FBI keep up the hype following the reported elimination of an al-Qaeda group in Yemen that was allegedly planning attacks in the United States or against Western interests in the Middle East.

Officials warn citizens to be on the outlook for the now standard array of terror indicators, including: attempts to gain sensitive information about security measures of personnel, entry points, peak days, access controls, alarms or locks; unusual interest in speaking with building maintenance personnel; and discreet use of cameras or video recorders sketching, or note-taking, especially at building barriers, restricted areas, cameras and intrusion detection systems, according to WLS-TV.

As usual, the Feds state “there are no specific known plots against American targets.”

Despite the lack of a credible threat, Homeland Security and the police state apparatus now well entrenched in a highly militarized American law enforcement infrastructure are determined to keep the illusory al-Qaeda threat alive, especially following the Snowden revelations and renewed focus on the NSA and its pervasive surveillance grid.

Anonymous reporting indicates that a group of trained terrorists are planning to conduct these attacks in Austin, Texas as well as Pasadena, California at the conclusion of the Ramadan period.  If August 8-9 is not viable for an attack, the terrorists will carry out their operation on August 29, according to the alert.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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