Joe Rogan Questions Everything Weaponized Weather July 31

Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

Joe Rogan Questions Everything Weaponized Weather episode of Wednesday, July 31, was just the second episode of the show, but it was a pretty cool one.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything was SyFy’s most watched reality series in over five months when it debuted on Wednesday, July 24. The viewing audience grew with the second show this past Wednesday, called Weaponized Weather. The average viewers of both shows together is 1.4 million total viewers — not bad for a brand-new cable series.

It was the #6 cable network show among Adults 25-54 in the 10-11 p.m. hour and #8 among Adults 18-49. SyFy ranked #9 overall in primetime in cable among Adults 25-54 (615,000).

Most people probably know about Joe Rogan from seeing his rather blue comedy acts, seeing him host Fear Factor and also from watching him as a UFC commentator. He’s a quite good broadcaster, and he practices jiu-jitsu himself so he knows what he’s talking about.

Joe Rogan is a pretty intelligent and inquisitive guy, who is intrigued with unexplained paranormal sorts of topics, mysteries, and anything to do with unknown worlds and untapped territories. In the series, he gets the chance to find out information about these topics along with the viewers, and to search for answers to life’s most startling theories.

Rogan has explored these questions for years on his podcast, and now he gets to do the same thing on TV, traveling the country and knocking on any door necessary to find the truth. He will stop at nothing to quench his curiosity for the unknown.

One of the things I like about how Rogan hosts Joe Rogan Knows Everything is that he is skeptical, to an extent. He’s open-minded, also, but he just doesn’t swallow the claims people on the show often make hook, line, and sinker — he asks for proof. He has the attitude, basically, of: “I’ll allow you to convince me, but only if I have reason to be convinced.”

Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

Are jet airplanes spewing out “chemtrails” that control the weather?

When a topic like “weaponized weather” comes up, and controlling the weather, it’s generally assumed that humans have controlled the weather to a small degree for a fairly long time, if “seeding” clouds counts — though, even seeding clouds is no absolute guarantee that rain will result.

What conspiracy theorists allude to when they’re referring to “weaponized weather” is using one or more government-ran facilities, if coordination with the military, to change the weather patterns of some parts of the world where the United States has a war o conflict going on.

The idea is that a country might be more willing to listen to what American politicians have to say and to agree to certain things if they”re coerced to do so, under threat that they might experience a year-long dry spell that would ruin their crops, or flash floods, etc., that might do the same.

Some people even believe that President Obama orchestrated Hurricane Sandy to happen at a key point in the last presidential campaign, to detract attention away from other subjects, like a failed economic policy.

Rogan questioned various experts and crackpots about chemtrails for the first 20 or so minutes of Wednesday’s episode. He listened to what supporters of the notion had to say, and he asked them for proof –when he didn’t get enough evidence, he basically dismissed the idea, not saying that it isn’t necessarily going on; just that the “evidence” that he’s so far seen didn’t convince him that the conspiracy theorists were correct.

In a way, Rogan might be too skeptical. I say that because he dismissed one person who talked about hidden planets and aliens working with government officials to control the weather — it’s relatively easy to dismiss the claims of people like that. But, there have been actually several books written about the efforts of the United States, China, Russia, etc., to use weather control as a weapon, so I wouldn’t say that the possibility is complete nonsense.

Some of the people he talked to, though, about chemtrails, I think Joe might have believed were telling the truth, or what they thought was the truth.

Take Kristen Meghan, a former Air Force Environmental Specialist, for example.She actually got into chemtrails to debunk them, but, in studying them, she started to see more things that supported the theories: a specific plane on base, excessive chemical deliveries, suspicious memos.

Joe, though, asks her for some hard proof. She answers that it would be tough to get any, but it exists. The reason it’d be difficult to obtain is it’s Top Secret, and because it’s run by the government/military, and attempt to photograph these things would earn you a gun in the back. That might be a convenient excuse, but it could very well be the truth, too.  Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

Kristen thinks the chemtrail program started out as an experimental form of weaponry, and is now being used by people who have found a way to profit from it.

Joe a bit later asks pilot Mick West about chemtrails. He says he’s studied the weather for his occupation, and has flown planes, being a pilot.

According to Mike says chemtrails are impossible — those white lines behind aircraft could not be made by powder. As for HAARP, he contends it’s all wild speculation. He says that the whole project is simply an attempt to research how the ionosphere works to improve radio communication and that heating the ionosphere does not affect the atmosphere according to Mick.

The episode also explored the United States government facility known as HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program), and claims that it is being used to manipulate the weather. The building actually exists, and some say it has created its own aurora borealis. Rogan remained undecided as to if HAARP is involved in efforts to control and weaponize weather.

I have heard and read enough about HAARP before having seen this episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything to be confident that HAARP has weather control as one of its goals. How far it’s gotten into it, and to what extent weather can currently be controlled — that’s another question, entirely.

HAARP is a military operated field of 180 antennas. There are apparently similar fields in Canada, Europe, the former Soviet Union, and someday soon, in China. HAARP is the biggest radio frequency transmitter ever developed. Reportedly, it is heating up the ionosphere and pushing it out. As a result, HAARP changes pressure systems locally and jet streams globally, creating unpredictable weather events.

What is the “Windsor Hum”?

“The Windsor Hum” is a mysterious sound heard in Windsor, Canada, which is very close to Zug Island, which is a supposed repeater station for HAARP.

Joe meets up with Gary Grosse, the man who sent audio of The Windsor Hum to him earlier. Gary says that Zug Island is an industrial area between Detroit and Canada. He explains that the window-rattling, floor-vibrating hum appears to be emanating from the Island — a fact based on a recent seismometer triangulation.  Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

Joe decides to take a boat ride to Zug Island in the hopes of hearing this Hum. He hits the open sea with amiable Captain Tom, and local business man Bill Puzzuoli. Bill’s assertion to Rogan that they’re being monitored by security quickly makes Joe feel uncomfortable.

The sound that the Windsor Hum makes is kind of like when you’re watching a movie, and the theater next door is showing a loud action film with sound that makes the walls shake.

Physicist Brooks Agnew and his Cloud Chamberthen demonstate to Joe Joe how HAARP can manipulate weather. In fact, Brooks himself claims he accidentally created an earthquake in Oregon back in 1987. And now, some scientific words to explain what Brooks is demonstrating: 2 kilowatts, ultrasonic nebulizer, high-voltage generator, rotating magnetic field, coupled radiators.

Among the conclusions that Joe Rogan reached:

1.) The government is not spraying chemicals out of planes to control the weather.

2.) If you’re going to be worried, maybe it should be about all the fuel being burned above your head every day.

In next week’s all-new episode, “Robosapien,” airing Wednesday August 7th at 10PM ET/PT, Joe Rogan tracks down a Russian billionaire who is behind a worldwide effort to merge human beings with machines in an effort to assess the likelihood of immortality.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Tmaster   August 4, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Joe – I was very dis-appointed in your dismissing of Chem-trails. They are a reality and I was very turned off by your attitude when people tried to give you facts.

  2. sisterrosetta   August 4, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    GeoEngineering Watch with Dane Wigington – 8/3/2013

    #chemtrails #geoengineering

  3. Elaine   August 4, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Thank you for really digging. Very interesting, and, personally, I have no doubt weather is is being manipulated. I now have my DVR set to record all the episodes.

  4. Rob Speer   August 3, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Rogan is a traitor!

  5.   August 2, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    I live in Rhode Island and was watching the 10:00 news on channel 10, they said the it had not rained in China for a while so they shot up a few rockets up into the clouds and shortly after that it did in fact start to rain. So this episode isn’t too far from the truth….Keep digging Joe.. Derrick and Louise Tiverton, RI


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