Lady Gaga VMA Performance with Wigs and Seashells [Video]

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So, hey how about Lady Gaga? The world has been on a social media feeding frenzy of Miley Cyrus. This is odd when Lady Gaga performed on the same show and typically takes the cake on eyebrow-raising antics. No meat dress was in attendance and even her performance seemed more classy than usual. Mama Monster performed Applause, her highly anticipated single. As she transitioned from chorus to song, a new wig was introduced with a transitional outfit. Her final mermaid hair and seashells completed the performance. High intensity and more lowbrow, it left a strong energy. The fans were enthralled with the flash frenzy performance. Many speculated on the boos heard through the arena as Gaga approached the stage, creepily wide-eyed and covered head to toe in nun gear. The boos were part of the performance and were played purposefully. Not so purposefully for One Direction…but that’s another story!

To dispel rumors and at least provide Gaga her shock factor, the Smith family’s reaction wasn’t to Miley Cyrus. It was for Lady Gaga once she appeared in her long, and slightly askew final wig and sea-shell shaped bra:

The Smith family's reaction was centered on Lady Gaga
The Smith family’s reaction was centered on Lady Gaga

Later, Gaga’s scantily clad form appeared overdressed when Cyrus started gyrating with teddy bears and Robin Thicke on stage. Lady Gaga has been promoting the entrance of Applause for ARTPOP and millions were looking forward to the performance. Surrounded by black clad dancers, Gaga remained the focus and artfully changed clothing items and wigs expertly. The performance was actually surprisingly clever, fun, light and brought Gaga back into the spotlight. Earlier this year, the mistress of meat underwent hip surgery and had canceled some tour dates to heal. Heal she did and Gaga looked better than ever, clad in black to seashells during her VMA performance.

When Justin Timberlake took the stage, Lady Gaga showed her appreciation for the ‘Sexy Back’ singer and danced. She was still clad in nothing more than a string, minuscule bikini bottom, and seashell top. Her dance provided millions of viewers a close-up view of Mother’s derriere. Regardless, while tongues wagged over Miley’s performance, including her own, Gaga’s performance actually started the show off well. While the wide-eyed look was a bit creepy at first, it worked once she began to transition outfits.

Mother Monster bares her backside during JT's performance
Mother Monster bares her backside during JT’s performance

ARTPOP is due for release in November and Gaga is calling it a wondrous creation. Another song confirmed on the track is Telephone, which famously won mass ratings from fans. Beyonce and Lady Gaga struck gold with the duet and the song will be making a sequel on Gaga’s new record. In addition, for fans who want to hear the song before November, Lady Gaga is slated to perform it during the iTunes Festival. On September 1, the controversial artist will take the stage at the┬áRoundhouse in Camden and perform the song.

Lady Gaga looked better than ever!
Lady Gaga looked better than ever!

Lady Gaga has a busy year ahead, between performances and the release of her highly anticipated record, set for release this winter. The VMA’s were slated as her comeback and she rose to the occasion. Sadly, her stellar performance seemed to fade to a dimmer glory known as Miley Cyrus and her tongue. Check out the video below to see Gaga’s VMA performance, wigs and seashells.

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