Lindsay Lohan Gets Help From Charlie Sheen Via Ben Affleck

Lindsay Lohan Gets Help From Charlie Sheen Via Ben Affleck

Lindsay Lohan has been getting all sorts of media coverage at the moment, mainly because of her upcoming “no holds barred” interview that she will be doing with the queen of media Oprah Winfrey (as well as that eight part documentary style reality program). But there is one thing that not many people know about Lindsay. She got some indirect help from Charlie Sheen via Ben Affleck while she was still in rehab.

According to, everyone knows that Affleck dropped in and paid The Canyons star a visit, but almost everyone thought he was there to offer her a role in his new picture, Live by Night.

Since Affleck is helming the new film, and folks assumed his call was of a professional nature and there were those who doubted the his wisdom in offering a part to the gal who has so many problems with addictive substances. Especially one who is attending the rehab centre on a court order.

But Ben Affleck was not there to offer the 27 year-old star a job, but he was there to offer her some help, just as he had been helped when he had problems, by none other than “tiger blood” Charlie Sheen.

It turns out that the 40 year-old actor/director went into rehab way back in 2001. He had an alcohol problem and Charlie Sheen stepped into give Ben a helping hand. So Affleck was there to help Lindsay Lohan just as Sheen had helped him, you could way that Charlie indirectly helped Lohan as well.

Basically, Affleck gave Lindsay a talking to, aka “passed on a few words of Hollywood wisdom.” He explained to the troubled star that she was a very talented performer and that she can make a comeback in Tinsel Town. But he said that she had to remain focussed and committed to staying sober.

Affleck told her that Hollywood will support folks who try just as they will applaud her effort in staying away from addictive substances. He even passed on some tips on how to stay straight when she left the rehab centre.

That little pep talk was just what Lindsay needed. She is now on a mission to show Ben, Oprah, and perhaps even Charlie Sheen that she can get it together and stay sober. She’s also planning to revive her career to show everyone that she can. The word is that she even stopped taking her beloved Adderall before she left the world of rehab.

She has gotten off to a good start, she was the guest host on Chelsea Lately and she did a magnificent job. She also has her “warts and all” interview coming up with Oprah Winfrey on August 18 and her documentary/reality series will air in 2014. Things look to be on an upward swing for Lindsay. Unfortunately her latest film doesn’t appear to be part of that upswing.

The Canyons limited theatrical release two weeks ago did abysmally at the box office despite Lindsay Lohan showing off a lot of skin. But the film was made prior to her rehab and before her pep talk from Ben Affleck. So the help she got from Charlie Sheen via Affleck, will hopefully keep her on the straight and narrow and she won’t need to take on any other $100 a day films for a while. We would like to wish Lindsay a whole lot of luck on her “second career.”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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