Michael Jackson’s Ex-Wife on Doctor Negligence

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According to Reuters, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, has slammed the integrity and ethics of the doctors, who flocked to the star to provide him with the most effective painkillers. Rowe describes the event almost as though it was a competition, as different medical professionals attempted to dose the singing icon with the “best painkiller,” which (if true) suggests other doctors, aside from Conrad Murray, may have engaged in negligent acts, prior to Jackson’s untimely demise.

Debbie Rowe was testifying as part of a lawsuit filed by the family of Michael Jackson, directed against AEG Live, who was the organization responsible for advertising Jackson’s This Is It concert tour.

The allegations center around the conglomerate’s decision to appoint Dr. Conrad Murray, who had been over-prescribing Jackson an amnestic drug, called propofol. The doctor was later incarcerated for involuntary manslaughter, after it was concluded the propofol was indeed responsible for the star’s death.

It is alleged that AEG Live, aside from hiring a negligent doctor, ignored Jackson’s precarious medical state in an attempt to guarantee the behemoth series of concerts went ahead.

Debbie went on to describe how medical doctors capitalized on Jackson’s vulnerable state, suggesting that his “fear of pain” was the source of weakness.

The money up for grabs, from the proceedings of the court case, is quite considerable. According to The Guardian, an astonishing $40 billion is being demanded of AEG, from the family. However, assuming Jackson’s family were awarded victory, this figure is not necessarily what they would be provided, as the jury is assigned the task of calculating remunerations.

In retaliation to these rather serious allegations, AEG has so far passed the buck, claiming that Jackson opted for his own medical doctor. What is more, the company stress that Jackson was already well along the path of addiction, prior to their involvement.

A number of the Jackson family members have already delivered testimonies, and others are expected to complete their statements, via video.

By: James Fenner

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