Prince Harry Irritated at Angola Land Mine Clearance Issue [Video]

A press release from the HALO Trust has just put out reports that Prince Harry is said to be very “irritated” that little has changed twenty five years on after his mother, Princess Diana had visited the country of Angola, in support of a land mine clearance operation.  Princess Diana’s controversial visit had taken place in 1997, just months before her untimely death.

HALO, the world’s oldest and largest humanitarian landmine clearance organization, has been working tirelessly since 1994 to manually clear extremely dangerous landmines from the ground in war-torn countries in Africa.

Prince Harry is the patron, having stepped into his mother’s shoes, as it was a cause that was close to her heart.

In 2010, the Prince had visited HALO in Mozambique, where he worked with the Trust’s mine clearance teams and because of his special military training, quickly learned how to detect and destroy mines.  He also met mine blast victims and got to understand the great benefits of the life-improving cause.

“People love having Prince Harry here because he’s so engaged and because he’s technically minded,” said Guy Willoughby, CEO of the Trust.  He went on, “He just gets it, from what the de-miners are trying to do, to the latest technology,” he finished.

Since Princess Diana visited HALO in Angola in 1997, where she observed the mine clearance of the towns of Huambo and Kuito, they have now transformed into cities that are bustling with life, filled with businesses and said to be beyond recognition.

Trust CEO Willoughby spoke to Sky News about Harry’s frustration that there had been a lack of progress in some areas, particularly in the remote town of Cuito Cuanavale, located in the south of Angola.  Willoughby said, “He is irritated that the countries which supplied these landmines are not actually putting in any funds to clear them, 25 years on.”  He added, “The Prince has got quite a bee in his bonnet about it, and that’s good.”

Harry, like his mother, may face similar criticism like she did and was indeed accused of being a “loose cannon”, by meddling with politics.

But there is one thing to be sure of: although this was something that was started by his mother, it is certainly something that Harry has every intention of finishing.

Written by: Brucella Newman

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  1. Charles Frith   November 25, 2013 at 12:17 am

    I wonder if Lord Soames (Churchill’s son and defence industry parasite) will give him a call to threaten his life like he did to Princess Diana?


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