Simon Pegg Loves His Teasing Tweets on Twitter

Simon Pegg Loves His Teasing Tweets on Twitter

There is no doubt about it, Simon Pegg loves teasing his Twitter followers with tweets that they all too often take very seriously. The latest gag he may have pulled on his fans has to do with his co-hort in comedy, Edgar Wright. The two of them teamed up again recently to make The World’s End with another Pegg favourite, Nick Frost.

Both Wright and Pegg have been together since the television series Spaced. Simon Pegg and Juliet Stevenson wrote the popular comedy series and Wright directed. Pegg and Wright then got together to do the first in the “cornetto” trilogy Shaun of the Dead.

Once the Rom/Zom/Com did so well with audiences the world over, the three men became household names and the three of them engaged in Twitter exchanges that were followed eagerly by their fans.

Simon Pegg takes special delight in “teasing” his fans with eclectic tweets. In 2010, he did his famous “Simon Pegg is missing” gag. He tweeted that strange noises were coming from his attic and that he was going to investigate. He then “disappeared” for two days. He got his good mate Nick Frost to cooperate along with his sister Kate.

He just loves playing pranks on Twitter all of which are done with equal aplomb and sometimes enlists the help of Frost and Wright. But this time Simon Pegg has possibly done a Twitter teasing tweet on his lonesome.

There has been talk that Pegg might be cast in Edgar Wright’s big-screen adaptation of Marvel Comics hero Ant-Man. With all excitement generated yesterday by the casting furour around Ant-Man, Pegg added to the excitement by tweeting a picture of himself standing by a picture of Ant-Man pointing at the super hero.

Fans of both Wright and Pegg, went nuts as they made the automatic assumption that the two pals would be pairing up for the film adaptation. But The World’s End star and Star Trek regular was quick to dispel any casting rumours by fans.

When the 43 year-old actor and writer heard all the fuss, he got back onto his Twitter account later in the day to tweet, “FFS the Internet, all I did was point at the central character in my dear friend’s next movie, because I’m excited for him.”

Which is most likely the truth. But with Pegg’s record with pulling pranks on his Twitter account, he may have been having his own little joke. Especially when you consider he has worked with Edgar Wright on four feature films now.

A fifth would not be considered out of the question although Simon has gone on record as saying that he cannot be in everything that his friend directs. Speaking to Huffington Post, he is claiming that his tweeted picture was not intended to make anyone believe he was actually going to be in the film.

Pegg said that he couldn’t believe all the significance that the picture took on. He exclaimed surprise that the rumour took off so quickly. He also said, that despite his excitement at Wright’s project, he doesn’t really want to be in the film.

But with Pegg’s track record we can be forgiven for just waiting for the other shoe to drop or for the punchline to suddenly jump up. Like we said, Simon Pegg loves his teasing tweets on Twitter, time will tell if this is yet another one.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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