Samsung Rumored to Release Galaxy Gear Watch September 4

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Apple may be running into engineering problems with the iWatch, but that is a problem Samsung just isn’t having. The tech organization is, reportedly, unveiling the Galaxy Gear Watch for September 4 with the Galaxy Note III in Berlin. Without needing introduction, the Galaxy Gear will run on what else? Google’s Android OS. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be equipped with a camera, and Geeky Gadgets states the watch will be equipped with “a dual-core Exynos 4212 SoC with a clock speed of 1.5GHz with ARM Mali-400 MP4 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and 1GB RAM.”

technology, samsung, smartphones, smartwatch, google, android
A rumored tech review of the Galaxy Gear

Many are faulting Apple’s engineering problems, due to the enhanced specs, the tech company is looking to produce. Per Bloomberg, Samsung has begun to outpace Apple as a smartphone powerhouse within the last year. There is no lost love between Apple and Samsung, but one has to wonder if Samsung rushed the release of the Galaxy Gear Watch in anticipation of the iWatch future release. Right now specs about the smartwatch are still up for speculation and review.

A rumored creation of the iWatch and potential flexible screen and enhanced specs.
A rumored creation of the iWatch with potential flexible screen and enhanced specs.

Samsung has declined to comment on reports claiming that the watch is due for release September 4.

Per CNN the smartwatch technology market is expected to grow to over $1 billion by 2014. Samsung, in releasing the watch this fall is showing innovative and proactive steps to remain at the top of the market. Wearable devices are becoming the newest trend in technology. From Google Glass to watches, consumers are demanding technology on the go at faster production rates.

Currently, Apple has not offered any pending release dates or engineering updates on its own wearable watch, referred to as iWatch. Other smart phone watches exist on the market, but all eyes are turning to the largest manufacturers in the technology industry. Per a report from CNN, Microsoft may actually be releasing their own smartwatch and this watch is expected to make its market splash in 2014. No word on design or specs.

For years joggers have worn devices that monitor heart rate, or reports calories burned, but the smart watches will offer a way for interactivity on the go. Consumers will now be able to simply speak or enter their time, calories and miles jogged into their watch. This reduces switching between equipment or going back home to log the information into a computer or carrying their heavier phone on their person.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch is made for errands and fitness combined. Users will be able to check e-mails, log online, update Facebook, send and receive phone calls. This can also prevent lost or stolen phones, as consumers will now have the technology right on the wrist. On average a lost or stolen phone can cost a consumer upwards of several hundreds of dollars. The smartwatch should show a reduction of those claims, appealing to many consumers.

It seems, per the Forbes report, the Samsung Galaxy Gear will not have the rumored flexible screen iWatch will sport. Releasing a smartphone watch under the branding of Samsung will have consumers racing to stores and online outlets to be the first in line in to carry this tech powerhouse’s device. As time approaches closer to the deadline, it is rumored, Samsung will release more specs and information.

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