Selena Gomez on the Prowl for Union J’s George Shelley

 Selena Gomez and George Shelley

After Selena Gomez’s on-off affair with Justin Bieber, it seems the pint-sized singing sensation is finally ready to move on and pursue another relationship. According to the Mirror, Gomez has attempted to send a not-so-subtle message to George Shelley, a member of UK boy band, Union J. It seems that Selena is finally back on the prowl.

Recently, there has been much speculation over the rocky Gomez-Bieber relationship. Selena has relied heavily on her strong support network of friends to serve as an emotional crutch, following the pair’s unpleasant breakup, none of whom seemed particularly enamored by their relationship to begin with.

According to, sources close to Selena have revealed the star to have been troubled by Justin’s “childish behavior,” and even went so far as to caution her over reuniting with the Biebs. Selena herself had issued warning to Justin over his actions, threatening to dump the pop idol if things didn’t improve. True to her words, she severed all ties with him.

It appeared that Selena was weighing up her options, after she revealed that she had a crush on George Clooney, following Saturday’s controversial MTV Video Music Awards. This news came in the wake of Clooney’s breakup from Stacy Kiebler, over her maternal longing for children; desires that obviously conflicted with Clooney’s. In addition, when interviewed by Ryan Seacrest over her relationship status, Selena confirmed that she had definitely split from Bieber and remained completely single.

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However, in quite a forward, yet dignified, move, Selena Gomez sent a video message to 20-year-old George Shelley from Union J. For those unaware, Union J was one of the runners up during season nine of the televised, British singing contest, The X Factor. To all intents and purposes, it seems Gomez is back on the prowl.

Selena made a surprise announcement to Shelley, in front of his envious band mates, professing her desire to arrange a get together:

“Hey, George, it’s Selena. I was in London for a bit and I’m bummed I missed you so next time give me call.”

Personally, I consider this a very brave move on Selena’s part, and her initiative should be commended.

On the surface of things, George seemed as surprised as anyone. Upon hearing the news, the young singer couldn’t help but blush, leading to predictable bouts of derision from his fellow band members.

In a move that would flabbergast nobody, George accepted Gomez’s generous offer, and the pair are due to meet in Lisbon, whilst he supports Selena during a leg of her European tour.

However, George Shelley had been recently photographed kissing another female X Factor contestant, Jesy Nelson, who belongs to another fabricated reality band, called Little Mix. According to Shelley, the pair’s relationship is entirely plutonic, and Jesy would be very supportive of his budding relationship with Selena.

Union J recently released their debut single, entitled “Carry You,” which appeared in a trailer for Kick Ass 2, and is due to appear in a number of scenes during the film.

Let’s hope pentagenarian Clooney doesn’t swoop in and ruin things for the poor boy of Union J, with his bountiful silver locks and his ever-frowning forehead. With Selena Gomez looking set to return to the dating scene, and on the prowl for George Shelley, it looks like Bieber is a thing of the past.

By: James Fenner

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  1. MaryDtn9   September 15, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    Looks like Selena is interested in dating boys who are prettier than she is.
    Selena prefers breaking in children. It’s safer than being compared.
    I can’t believe I’m saying this! He makes the Biebs look like a stud.
    Selena needs to start dating men, or better yet, her bff Taylor.
    This will give her an edge over Miley. Paps and Media will eat it up. LOL


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