Shabazz Muhammad Sent Home

Shabazz Muhammad has been sent home from the NBA Rookie Transition Program.
Shabazz Muhammad has been sent home from the NBA Rookie Transition Program.

Former UCLA standout and Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick Shabazz Muhammad has been sent home from the NBA Rookie Transition Program. Apparently not making the smoothest transition to the professional game, Muhammad broke one of the league’s rules and was sent home from the event as a result.

The rule violation occurred on Tuesday night when Shabazz Muhammad brought a female guest back to his hotel room on Tuesday night according to the USA Today. He will be fined for his actions as well. Just hours before he decided to bring a female back to his room, he was informed via a rule book for the event that he was not allowed to do so.

An event designed to ease the transition from collegiate to professional basketball, the NBA Rookie Transition Program is a four day event that this year is taking place in Florham Park, New Jersey. Featuring guest speakers, seminars, and instructions, about 50 rookies are in attendance for the yearly event this year.

Once considered to be the top prospect in his draft class, and expected to be the top selection of the NBA draft when he declared, this is just the latest setback for Shabazz Muhammad. After arriving as a highly-touted prospect to UCLA, he never quite found a way to click with coach Ben Howland and saw his draft stock take a hit. He was deemed ineligible by the NCAA, only to see the sanctions lifted after a report surfaced showing a lawyer in the appeal of the decision bad-mouthing Muhammad. It took a further hit after it surfaced that he had been lying about his age, and in fact was a year older than he claimed previously.

He fell to the 14th overall selection in the draft, and appears to continue to find himself in trouble before even suiting up for an NBA game.

Hardly the first time young players have been sent home from violating rules at the NBA Rookie Transition Program, three players were sent home in 2008 after being found with marijuana and women in their rooms. Those three players were Mario Chalmers, Michael Beasley, and Darrell Arthur.

A further punishment for violating the rule is that Shabazz Muhammad will have to complete the training program in 2014 with next year’s rookie class.

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