Strength of Coffee and Euphoria of Chocolate Combined

Strength of Coffee Euphoria of Chocolate
How do you reap the same benefits of all those energy drinks and meal replacement powders for just pennies in comparison?  What has the ‘strength of coffee’, the ‘euphoria of chocolate’ and the ‘health benefits of tea’ all in one powerful beverage?  What single drink can enhance focus, improve digestion, control your weight and provide a myriad of nutrients?  Yerba Mate, the South American super-food tea can do all of this and more.

Growing in the rich rainforests of the Amazon, under the shade of the canopies is a special plant containing unmatched nutrition and traditional heritage – yerba mate.  Brewed up from the leaves of the plant, containing a full profile of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, Latin America has been sipping this beverage through special mate gourds for hundreds of years.

The caffeine content of yerba mate has been controversial among those who both promote it and reject the tea.  Some sources say the caffeine content ranges somewhere between that of tea and coffee, though is balanced out by the incredible nutritional profile, minimizing any negative effects.  Others say that it is not caffeine in Mate at all, but rather Matteine, a relative of caffeine, but minus the downside.  Either way, yerba mate offers a stimulating effect without the jitters and is euphoric in its ability to enhance clarity of mind, balance the hormones and create peace of mind and satisfaction.

Personally, I am greatly affected by the caffeine in coffee, but not in the least by mate.

Yerba mate has been called a ‘superfood’ by many and is appreciated by those who are trying to ween themselves off coffee, as mate does not have the same addictive qualities.  Yerba mate contains theobromine just like chocolate – which is a mild muscle relaxant despite its moderate stimulating properties.  For weight loss, mate can be helpful as it assists the body in feeling fuller faster, reducing the amount of food one would normally eat.

For the digestive system, yerba mate can be your best friend, as it helps to soothe digestive complaints and increase bowel regularity similar to coffee, though milder in action (no ‘running’ to the bathroom after your morning cup of mate).  This South American wonder drink is also great for your breath, as it works to keep the stomach clean of unwanted bacteria which may contribute to ‘bad breath.’  What a blessing!

Those who drink mate regularly report a balancing effect on the metabolism, increasing the body’s use of carbohydrates making the food you eat more productive and beneficial.  According to research reported through ‘FitDay’, yerba mate helps the body rid itself of stored fat, burning excess calories and keeps lactic acid from accumulating in the muscle fibers.

With the strength of coffee and the euphoria of chocolate combined, who could ask for more than the delicious and powerful benefits of yerba mate?  Drink it cold, hot or steamed with your favorite milk and this traditional brew is sure to delight not only your senses, but your entire being with its rich abundant goodness!  Next time you go to have a cup of coffee, try mate instead, many coffee shops now offer it as an alternative, and they’ll even make it as a latte, if you ask nicely!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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  1. Dean   August 23, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    One more benefit is the leaves don’t accumulate fluoride like green and black teas do.

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