Kanye West Resorts to Profane Tweets After Jimmy Kimmel Spoof

Kanye West Resorts to Profane Tweets to Attack Jimmy KImmel

The news is full of Kanye West’s outrage at Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof about a BBC interview that West participated in. While Kimmel is a comedian with his own show – Jimmy Kimmel Live! – and a man who is not adverse to pulling a prank or two for YouTube, he should have avoided West like the plague. The 36 year-old rapper has no sense of humor and definitely cannot appreciate subtle ribbing. His response to Kimmel’s spoof was his resorting to profane tweets which should have been banned by Twitter for just the foul language alone.

West does not seem to understand that profanity is the last stand of the inarticulate. While the Yeezus singer may have talent in the area of music and business. He is unable to have a laugh at himself or not take himself too seriously. He also fails to understand the paparazzi. It has never dawned on him that if he chilled out just a fraction in his dealings with the “shutter-bugs” that his interactions with the “paps” would not be so fraught.

Kim Kardashian’s baby father also does not realize that his reaction is completely out of proportion to the skit that Kimmel featured on his show. The reimagining of West’s BBC Radio One interview with Zane Lowe with two children is not a straight jab to the chin. It is the implication that West can be childish in his ego and overblown sense of self.

The skit itself is amusing, not overly so, but enough that the message comes through. For West to bring out a four, or more, letter tweet rant against the comedian is beyond ridiculous. The reaction is so disproportionate that some folks in the media have made allegations that the “feud” has been staged. Another prank by Kimmel in the style of his recent twerking fire girl.

But based upon Kanye’s track record of megalomaniacal behaviour and his firm belief in his own social significance, it does not seem likely that this is a Kimmel/West prank. The rapper has used the spoof as an excuse to attack the paparazzi, Jimmy Kimmel, Ben Affleck and to include nasty tweets about the comedian’s looks, a la Amanda Bynes.

Unfortunately for West, Kimmel has the upper hand in this Twitter feud. The comic has humor on his side and a host of writers who can keep him supplied with all the witty ripostes required. While Kanye continues to spew vitriol at the comedian for his “insulting” spoof, he is only making himself look worse. But, as usual, he is unable to see that he is letting himself down.

West is a very talented man, no doubt about it. But his ego is completely out of proportion to that talent. But that is because fans allow him the latitude to “big himself up” almost unconditionally. Certainly, Kanye is entitled to be as egotistical as he wants in private.

But to act in such an unflattering manner in public is to let himself down and draws the paparazzi to him like moths to a flame. When you put yourself up on such a high pedestal there are always agencies that aim to knock you off that dizzying height.

Kanye West resorting to profane tweets to attack Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter after his spoof is sad and revealing. Sad because it reveals a man who is so blinded by his own talent that he cannot see how his behaviour is unacceptable. But then, huge egos never like being deflated, in that respect Kanye is not alone. Perhaps he should invest in a vocabulary enhancement course, that way he wouldn’t need to use foul language to fight his corner. Or he could try taking himself a little less seriously.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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