Margaret Thatcher’s Ashes Interred in London

Margaret Thatcher Ashes Interred in Londaon

The ashes of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher were interred Saturday. She was Britain’s longest serving prime minister of the twentieth century. She was laid to rest next to her husband, Denis. The burial was on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a military hospital loyally supported over the last decade of her life. It took place after a small, private ceremony in All Saints Chapel, a chapel in the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary of the hospital. Her children, Sir Mark and Carol, attended the ceremony. Also in attendance was Lord Tim Bell, her political advisor, who helped Thatcher win three general election campaigns and Cynthia Crawford, Thatcher’s personal assistant for more than 30 years,.

The ashes were encased in an oak box with a brass plaque inscribed “Margaert Thatcher 1925 – 2013.” An honor guard of twelve Chelsea Pensioners, wearing their distinguished red coats, carried the ashes to the final resting place.

Margaret Thatcher died from a stroke at the age of 87 on April 8.

By: Lisa Nance

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