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Mandela Legacy Betrayed by Family and Country

A South African Trilogy: Part III - Why Mandela Has Not Been Allowed to Die

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Nelson Mandela, Madiba; the Father of the Nation; the revered icon who, after almost three decades in prison, emerged to lead his nation out of the darkness of Apartheid and into the light of democracy, freedom and reconciliation. That great legacy, however, has been betrayed by his family and by those who now lead his country; men and women who owe their success, their wealth, their very positions to him.

Nelson Mandela is gone. He is no longer with us. His family is cruelly keeping him artificially “alive” on machines that perform breathing and some organ function for him, but he has no brain activity. He is dead. His children and President Zuma are waging a battle against three men who Mandela entrusted as executors of his estate. Mandela is being kept “alive” so that his greedy children in collusion with President Zuma can get their hands on his millions.

Despite this, there are many people who believe Mandela is still alive. In fact, the South African government, via its governmental-run newspapers, is harassing our reporter, Laura O’Neal, because she was the only person brave enough to tell the truth.

Laura ONeal, informed us she received a text message on June 24th claiming “Madiba died last night and his family refused to turn off life support.” She received that text message from a reporter who works at the SABC. The reporter’s text meant that Mandela was declared brain-dead, but that his family refused to turn off the respirator even though doctors told them they should. Brain death is considered legal death in most countries, including South Africa.

The SABC source was informed of Mandela’s passing by government officials, who also informed the SABC to suppress the story. It is important to keep in mind that the SABC is, in fact, a government agency and as such, what it reports is directly dictated by the government.

Two days after we broke the story of Mandela’s death, on June 26th, David Smith, lawyer for the Mandela children, went to court and told a judge that Mandela was in a “permanent vegetative state” and that doctors had advised the family to switch off the life support machines. That court appearance was made for the purpose of determining who would bury Nelson Mandela and to settle a dispute over moving the remains of Mandela’s previously deceased children.

In early July, Nelson Mandela’s official sanctioned biographer, Charlene Smith, told reporters “He’s basically gone. He’s not there. He’s not there.” She was speaking of his condition to newspapers and reiterating the fact that he was declared brain-dead.

In August, the Las Vegas Guardian Express obtained an audio file of two government officials speaking about Mandela. Part of that audio recording was included in part II of our South African Trilogy. One of officials can be clearly heard saying. “He was declared brain dead with total organ failure…This is from one of the top doctors at the hospital.” On that same audio tape, the official states that Mandela’s family is keeping him “alive” to settle his estate, worth 127 million African Rand. After all, a dead man can’t be sued.

To understand why Zuma and the Mandela descendants would insist on keeping this great man hooked up to life support for nearly four months after he was declared brain-dead, we first have to understand the depth of the relationship between Mandela and Zuma and explore the extreme greed of the Mandela children.

Mandela and Zuma have a long and abiding history; they’ve been friends for over 50 years. At Robben Island, they suffered together as prisoners after meeting for the first time during the early days of the fight against apartheid. Their friendship has spanned decades and their lives have always been intertwined. But while Mandela is viewed as a great humanitarian, the father of South Africa and the deliverer of freedom from apartheid, Jacob Zuma is a man who has been consistently embroiled in legal battles over fraud, racketeering, corruption and even rape.

His own morals have been questioned by South Africans, for he is a polygamist who is currently married to four women who he supports with state funds. He has 20 children with at least six women and probable other children with an undetermined number of women. Despite his liberal views on matrimony, he is a vehement homophobe who calls homosexuality “a disgrace to the nation and to God.” He also advocates violence against homosexuals, saying that if he ever saw a gay man he would “knock him out.”

Whereas Nelson Mandela is viewed as kind, loving, brave and upstanding, Zuma is viewed as corrupt, hypocritical, immoral and greedy. The two men’s life outlooks could not seem more divergent, and yet, they are forever linked. Like a parent welcoming back a prodigal son, Mandela has always looked out for Jacob Zuma. According to the New York Times, In June of 2005, Nelson Mandela gave Zuma a check for 1 million South African rand because Zuma was bankrupt.

At that time, William Gumede, who wrote Battle for the soul of the ANC stated, “Mandela said he was very worried about corruption and money being taken from dodgy people. The ANC was meant to be a morally upstanding party. I think Zuma is one of the people he was thinking of.” Gumede was referencing Zuma’s embroilment in corruption; Zuma’s took money that had been obtained by fraudulent means. Because of the scandal, he was forced to step down from his then-position as Deputy President of South Africa. It is clear that Zuma has always relied on Mandela for money, but in addition to financial concerns, South Africa’s elections will take place next year, and the correctly timed death of Mandela could win Zuma the sympathy of the nation.

It’s not only Nelson Mandela and Zuma who are bonded together; the entire Mandela family and Zuma are inextricably linked. In fact, in May, Mandela’s daughters began suing for control of Mandela’s estate and trying to remove his three trusted executors who had previously denied the Mandela daughters control of their father’s money. Zuma fired one of those advisors, Tokyo Sexwale, in July amid the court battle over Mandela’s fortune. Obviously, Zuma is in the daughters’ corner when it comes to Mandela’s estate being immediately given out to them instead of being preserved and stretched out over generations as Mandela wished.

It has been widely reported that Mandela did not want his children to have control of his estate, saying they would recklessly spend the money instead of using it to continue his legacy over generations.

According to the UK Telegraph, a friend of Mandela stated “It was not meant as a general pot but for specific circumstances. He did not want them to be in need but he also wanted them to further their education and carve out their own careers.” Another friend stated, “I think he was aware that members of his family might have been trying to get this, maybe they felt entitled. No, he didn’t trust them. He foresaw disputes over the money.”

Now, as Mandela lies unresponsive at his home, tethered to machines that are keeping him artificially “alive,” It is abundantly clear that his children have no intention of letting their father die peacefully until his own predictions about their obsessive greed come true. Jacob Zuma is colluding with them and there are 127 million South African rand at stake. For the sake of personal enrichment, Mandela’s legacy is being betrayed by the country’s leaders and Mandela family members.

As the court case drags on, Mandela is forced to lie helpless, with no dignity, while his children and Zuma battle the three executors for control of the Mandela fortune. Nelson Mandela, who always fought for others’ freedom, is rewarded only with imprisonment once again.

Exclusive audio obtained by the Las Vegas Guardian Express – some of which was published in the previous installment of the South African Trilogy – reveals that many in South Africa are concerned about a looming wave of chaos, xenophobia and, perhaps, even genocide that might sweep the country in the near future and has been planned for some time. The two individuals conversing in this recorded telephone conversation, whose identities must remain anonymous in the interests of their own safety, are both close to developing events and are personally preparing for the worst. According to what is revealed in this exchange, an orchestrated campaign to drive African immigrants out of South Africa is intended to precede a campaign of violence against the minority white population. It should be noted that one of the individuals discussing this acknowledges that these events were intended to have begun already and the reason for their delay is not clear. Perhaps, however, that has much to do with the delay in announcing Mandela’s passing. This recorded conversation will be published within days.

Adding credence to the fears of widespread violence are the visual clues in and around the city of Johannesburg, where – it is alleged – the trouble will begin. Police vehicles are seen constantly parked at gas stations; tires are piled in certain locations – tires are possibly significant in two ways: They can be used as temporary barricades but also they are reminders of a gruesome practice that has been used in various parts of Africa; the ‘necklace’ is the tire that is placed around a person’s neck or body and then set alight.

How widespread the fear of unrest is or, indeed, how likely it is that such a disaster will befall South Africa remain matters for speculation; the rumors and concerns, however, are all too real.

Although now discharged from the Pretoria hospital to which he was admitted on June 8, Nelson Mandela is no more alive than he was three months ago. The deception that continues would be laughable, were it not so cruel and tragic. Against all odds and medical realities, this man has, supposedly, been in “critical but stable” condition for a period of time that would represent a miracle of science.

Mandela’s medical team had previously acknowledged that he had suffered total organ failure and was rendered brain-dead. Documents submitted to the courts bear this out. Having attempted to preserve the charade that the former leader remained alive, stable and somewhat responsive, the discharging of Mandela from the hospital was, undoubtedly, orchestrated to add credibility to an increasingly unlikely scenario. Further evidence of an ongoing cover-up is the recent release of video that allegedly shows Mandela seemingly awake, alert and functioning. Published on You Tube on September 12 is a video of President Zuma visiting a frail-looking, but alert, Mandela. The posting – by India’s NRTvnews – is titled NRT First video of Nelson Mandela since hospital release. This is deceptive as, although the footage did indeed show him for the first time since his release from hospital, it was shot in April following the elder statesman’s discharge from a ten-day spell of receiving treatment for the same recurring lung infection that put him back in hospital in early June.

Also released by Ugandan TV station WBS at the end of August was a report on Mandela’s recent discharge and return to his home. The footage includes old clips of Mandela having dinner, surrounded by family members, as if it was recently shot. ABC news also engaged in a similar deception; reporting Mandela’s release whilst showing photographs of him that were taken prior to his recent stay in hospital. In all fairness to both WBS and ABC, both media outlets did make it clear their has been no verifiable update on Mandela’s health for some time. Their reporting, however, can easily be misinterpreted as showing that Madiba is now out of hospital and recovering nicely.

It is this widespread but very obvious deception – sustained by the South African government, the Mandela family and also by the South African and international media – that continues to convince so many that the anti-Apartheid icon continues to live.

Mandela’s legacy – the one he intended to leave behind – has been betrayed by family members he clearly distrusted, who now squabble over his fortune and by a government so riddled with corruption that many South Africans have simply come to accept it as norm. South Africa’s potential is truly enormous; its staggering beauty, cultural diversity, strategic location and natural resources make it the jewel of Africa and, arguably, of the entire southern hemisphere. The South African people – and the world – can only hope that its leaders will not tear it apart, in the wake of Nelson Mandela’s death.

An Editorial by Rebecca Savastio & Graham J Noble; Investigative Contributors: Laura Oneale, Michael Smith & Landi Bezuidenhout

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