Hell’s Kitchen Host Gordon Ramsey Completes the Hawaii Ironman


Chef Gordon Ramsey of Hell’s Kitchen fame enjoys keeping physically fit, as well as cooking gourmet meals. On Saturday, he proved just what an ironman he is by completing the Hawaii Ironman. He finished the race in 14:4:48.

Ramsey, 46, has competed in other marathons in the past, like the famed London Marathon. He’s also ran in shorter triathlons, such as the Ironmna 70.3 World Championship.

The Hawaii Ironman was previously called the Hawaii Ironman World Championship. It’s composed of three stages, the first one being a 2.4 mile ocean swim. The second stage is a bicycle ride of 112 miles, and the third one is a complete marathon of 26.2 miles.

It’s a grueling race, and just being considered for a place on the starting line is pretty amazing, as out of the 80,000+ people who would like to be on the starting line each year, just 1,900 are chosen.

The Hawaii Marathon begins at approximately 7:00 a.m. To be able to log in an “official” time, competitors must finish all three legs of the race by midnight. Those few that do, earn the title of being an Ironman.

Many of the competitors who enter the race know that they likely won’t complete it by the deadline, but those who complete the race at all will have the satisfaction of knowing that they completed all three legs of the Hawaii Marathon.

What were Gordon Ramsey’s times for each leg of the Hawaii Marathon?

The Hell’s Kitchen host completed the 2.4 mile ocean swim in one hour,  20 minutes and 21 seconds, and the bicycling leg of 112 miles in six hours, 35 minutes and 54 seconds. He began the marathon part of the race running nime minutes and 50 seconds per mile, but he’d slowed down to a bit over 20 minutes per miles by the time he hit mile 19.

Ramsey found a reserve of energy which allowed him to finish the race a little bit faster, though, and he wound up with a time of 14:4:48.

While he has always been interested in physical fitness and staying healthy, his training for the Hawaii Marathon caused him to lower his body fat ratio even more.

Getting an Ironman tattoo to celebrate his finish and being an Ironman is one of the next things on the celebrity chef’s To-Do List.

The Hawaii Ironman is considered to be the granddaddy of all the other triathlons. Gordon Ramsey’s completion of the race is a major accomplishment, and it’s one more race he can add to his list of triathlons that he has entered and completed successfully.

In case you were wondering, the person who won the Hawaii Marathon was  Belgium’s Frederik Van Lierde. He completed the triathlon in 8:12:29. In the 35 years of the event, his performance was the eighth-best ever.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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