No Deal in Sight as the Date of Reckoning Nears

Neither party has learnt the lesson

No deal in sight

Washington D.C., Oct.13, 2013: With the debt ceiling fast approaching, the Republican nor the Democratic party have found a common ground to halt this partial government shutdown which has now entered its fourteenth day. The Senate minority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell while talking to the press reassured the American public that this government shutdown will end soon, especially keeping in view the fact that the projected borrowing limit is fast approaching this coming Thursday. Republican Senator Susan Collins also held a similar view and was hopeful that both sides will be able to resolve the issue.Senator Dick Durbin, the Democratic whip also harbors the same sentiments. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, optimistically confessed on the floor of the house that soon the government shutdown will come to an end as both parties are serious in reaching an amicable resolution of the problem that besets them. But all this optimistic talk and amiable atmosphere did not bear any fruit as the Senate was adjourned till Monday, without reaching a solution to the question of ending the government shutdown. This shutdown is effecting the lay man while both the parties are no where near a solution, is the common perception among the masses.  

Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


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