Janelle Monáe Stuns Miley Cyrus on SNL

Billboard's Rising Star

Billboard's Rising StarMiley Cyrus couldn’t take the burst of electricity that accompanied Janelle Monáe once she hit the SNL  stage. Cyrus returned to the show on Saturday only to be stunned by the moves of the multi-talented Janelle Monáe.

Monáe made her Studio 8-H debut with an energy packed performance true to her well known and loved retro style soul-pop music. She performed two songs from The Electric Lady; her new album release.

Monáe first took the stage wearing black boots with an all white outfit to perform the fast-paced “Dance Apocalyptic.” Her set was complete with a blinding white-and-black color scheme and her amazing full band.

Monáe took the stage a second time to perform the new album’s title track. She murdered the stage with her fancy footwork as she slid across the stage paying tribute to the footwork of the late greats; Michael Jackson and James Brown.

Monáe’s revolutionary impulses don’t just rest in music and lyrics, but in her visual persona as well. She wears her hair in a shellacked pompadour and her uniform, as she calls it, is a sleek but modest tuxedo. It’s not like anything that you’d expect in contemporary urban music and pop in general.

Monáe takes the shock of her previous work to new heights on The Electric Lady. Monáe says she wants to redefine beauty and goals for young ladies. Her mission is to break down stereotypes and fight against oppression while trying to save the world.

According to Monáe, The Electric Lady provides the next chapter in the Cindi Mayweather odyssey.

She says her inspiration came from the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama. She had the pleasure of meeting the Flotus at a White House charity event. She says Electric Lady is an ideology of women who stand up and with a voice in the community. Monáe says the Flotus is such a woman and has proven to be an ambassador for great change.

Monáe also stated Electric Lady came out of the liberty she found while enduring her own therapy sessions.

The Electric Lady reveals the many dimensions of Monáe. She says she won’t become a slave to her image, hair style or her own belief system.

Monáe says she hopes to make musical history with her new project, The Electric Lady. She explained that her goal with this recording was to make one of the best R&B albums of the year. She paid tribute to the many subgenres and all their amazing moments.

This album journeys through the musical spectrum; from Sly Stone to Anita Baker to Jimi Hendrix and on to the future. Monáe’s music serves as a conduit for the gap between the past and future; she intends to keep the torch burning for the next generation.

She graced the Saturday Night Live stage just days after she was named Billboard’s Rising Star. Those who weren’t familiar with this multi-talented artist soon found out why she’s slated to be one of the next big talents to hit the music scene.

Janelle Monáe wasn’t the only musician to appearance on SNL this week. Miley Cyrus also appeared during the opening monologue by host Edward Norton. Cyrus offered Norton some of her personal hosting advice and then announced her upcoming 2014 music tour.

Cyrus also appeared during a sketch parody of the film which is currently in theaters, 12 Years a Slave, in a short, non-vocal twerking cameo.

Cyrus was quickly silenced by the burst of electricity that accompanied Janelle Monáe once she hit the SNL stage.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)



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