Michael Bay Attacked on the Set of Transformers 4

Michceal Bay attacked on the sets of his new film Transformers $

Attacked on the sets

Hong Kong, Oct. 17, 2013: Michael Bay, the director of the phenomenally successful franchise The Transformers, was attacked by two young men, later confirmed as brothers, while he was busy filming his latest sequel of the world famous franchise. The two brothers have been booked by the Hong Kong police. Their names have been not been disclosed. The younger brother, it is said by the police authorities, approached Michael Bay and demanded that he pay hin $ 13,000; upon refusal, he attacked Bay and hurt  Bay’s face. He also fought with the police officers who intervened to stop the fight. Michael Bay, it is stated, has refused any medical treatment. According to the police officials, the younger brother has been charged with black mailing Bay; while the elder has been charged for assaulting him. 

Written by: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

USA Today

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