Taylor Swift Proves that Education is Worth Millions

Taylor Swift Proves Education is Worth Millions

Taylor Swift proves yet again that, to her, education is worth millions. She donated $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame to open the Taylor Swift Education Center on Saturday, October 12. The donation marked the largest gift ever donated by a single artist to the Hall of Fame since its creation in 1961.

The 23 year-old performer has been associated with the Country Music Hall of Fame since she signed her record contract there when she was a teen performer. Swift gave one of her first performances at the Hall of Fame and she has personally given much of her time to support the museum’s fundraising efforts.

Swift has also given several items to the museum to use as displays. She has a multi-media exhibit there which commands large crowds annually.

The performer’s latest donation went to create the the Taylor Swift Education Center. The new area will have three classrooms and be spread over two floors in the building. It will include a learning lab and a “state of the art children’s exhibit gallery.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum originally had only one classroom. The three new additional rooms will be next to a design studio that will give students a chance to see curators of the museum while they are working with instruments. The new exhibit gallery will have interactive objects and will be opened March, 2014.

In 2012, Taylor Swift was named the number one charitable celebrity of the year. The singer/songwriter has been lauded by the Do Something Awards, The Giving Back Fund and Tennessee Disaster Services. She also received The Big Help Award by Michelle Obama for her “dedication to helping others.” She is also very supportive of arts education and children’s literacy and she has proved that education is worth millions.

After cutting the ribbon on the new center on Saturday, Swift showed reporters and local high school students the new classroom and exhibit area before the museum opened. Later she spoke to reporters to say how excited she was that the classrooms were opened first and how happy she was at being there on the day of the unveiling. On Sunday she will receive her sixth songwriter/artist of the year award from the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

The new $4 million educational center was originally meant to open in 2014, but opened early. Swift revealed that she was very pleased that the classrooms had opened early as those were her, and the museum’s, priority.

Taylor’s awards will all be displayed in the the gallery, including her most recent one, and the singer has said that she will be coming to visit the center. She mentioned the possibility of doing a Q & A session with students along with a songwriting discussion group.

With the overwhelming generosity that she’s shown so far, Taylor Swift may just be named most generous celebrity of 2013. Her $4 million donation for the new Taylor Swift Education Center is just one more example of her overwhelming generosity. She has proven to the Country Music Hall of Fame that an education is worth millions.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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