‘The Simpsons’ to Kill off One Major Character

Emmy winning actor to leave the show

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The Simpsons is the longest running television show in history, embracing its 25th year on primetime television. With speculation surrounding the tapped out scripts and possibly the show ending for good, executives are developing a plot behind the scenes. In the target range of writing, executive producer Al Jean relayed a major character will be killed off the show. With tech outlets probing for more information, Jean only release the character killed off is voiced by an actor who won an Emmy from their presentation of unsaid character.

The last character killed off occurred 13 years ago when Maude Flanders was hit in the chest by a t-shirt cannon at Springfield Speedway. The adored, religious wife of Ned Flanders flew back in a blast of rolled shirts and fell to her death. Keep in mind it was Homer yelling for the cannons to go flying at him, and when the girls turned all cannons to blaze – Homer leaned down to become entranced by a lost bobby pin. That released a bevy of powerfully delivered shirts that killed sweet Maude.

The death of Maude Flanders saddened Springfield
The death of Maude Flanders saddened Springfield

Not only was Ned Flanders depressed over his wife’s death, but audiences were stunned by the cartoon death. Now, 13 years later show executives think it is about time it happened again. Jean did not relay any information to pertain when the death would occur, only that it would. Considering his words of Emmy win from their voiced character, it puts the decision in a pickle. The animated series has enjoyed a bevy of wins from its inception. Consider the options:

  • Dan Castellaneta is the lead voice of Homer Simpson. His incredibly drool voice ability of the beer-guzzling, bad dad of the year has brought four Emmy Awards to the network. Hopefully, it will not be Homer, but consider some of other voice overs Castellaneta does to determine who could it be: Krusty the Clown, Sideshow Mel or maybe even Itchy?
Will Krusty met an untimely end?
Will Krusty met an untimely end?
  • Nancy Cartwright is the forever young voice of the lead incorrigible character Bart Simpson. Signs point away from kids being killed off (even in cartoon form) on network television. Then again compare the aspects of the cartoon kids on the show. One can ponder the other voices Cartwright handles: Ralph Wiggum, who loved handling an unsupervised pistol or maybe Nelson Muntz, the town bully?
Will Nelson release his final Ha Ha?
Will Nelson release his final Ha Ha?
  • Hank Azaria is the incredibly talented voice of Moe Szyslak, the much loved and irate-filled bartender of Moe’s. Maybe, Moe will finally be drifting upon a heavenly cloud surrounded by beer bottles. In addition to Moe, Azaria is also the voice over king for Carl, Professor Frink and Dr. Nick Riviera- perhaps one of these characters will bite the dust?
Will Dr. Riviera meet death?
Will Dr. Riviera meet death?
  • If anyone thinks it could be C. Montgomery Burns, Waylon Smith, Ned Flanders or even Principal Skinner, think again.  Harry Shearer is an Emmy winner, but not for The Simpsons voice overs.

Now speculation reigns to determine who will be in the target for the next death on the iconic show. The Simpsons showed they still have it this past Sunday when they premiered the start of their 25th season. Kristen Wiig joined the cast and crew to offer voice over parody of Homeland. The Simpsons executives are settling into season 25 and made an announcement that will keep viewers tuning in. Who do you think will be the next target on The Simspons?


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  1. ToonBoyDan   March 24, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    Snake Jailbird, Comic Book Guy, Jackie Bouvier, Hyman Krustofsky or Sideshow Bob.


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