Barack Obama Plus Love Child Equals Murder

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It’s a formula everyone all knows well, Barack Obama fathers a love-child and then has the mother murdered. The public should have known it would only be a matter of time before it was discovered President Barack Obama had a “love-child.” In fact it is a surprise it took so long to be made public. But wait, this latest story gets even better; the mother of the “love-child” is none other than Miriam Carey, the woman who was shot by Capitol Police on October 3. And to make it even better, the shooting was all part of an elaborate plan carried out by a secret Obama hit-squad.

A movie plot? The latest suspense movie to hit the theaters? Nope, this is the latest conspiracy theory proposed by the Reverend James David Manning on his weekly radio program, “The Manning Report.” Even die-hard right wing conservatives are having a hard time swallowing this one but it is out there and like all other conspiracy theories, there sure seems to be a lot of potential evidence and possible connections.

The basic theory is back in May 2011 while enroute to New London, CT to give an address to the graduating class at the Coast Guard Academy, the president was in need of a dentist after having a piece of pistachio shell get stuck in his tooth. The dentist was a Dr. Evans where Carey worked. She and Obama became friends and soon began an affair. He fathered her child and when he found out about the pregnancy, the Commander in Chief asked Carey to abort it, but being a good Christian woman she refused and had his baby, the same little girl who was in the car with her when she tried to get into the White House. Wait, there is more.

Why was she going to the White House, many may wonder? This is where the secret Barack Obama hit team comes in, they called her saying the president wanted to see the baby and this was a ruse to get her to the White House where they could assassinate her. As proof of this, the theorists point to the fact the baby wasn’t injured because they were told not to harm the baby. They go on to say this is why there has not been any real investigation of the shooting because the Attorney General has been told to leave it alone. Let’s skip the part about the president’s wife being a man, the president’s children being adopted, the Al Sharpton connection and the other “hits” by the Obama team evidently including the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard two weeks prior to the Capitol Hill shooting.

Many may remember Manning from 2008, during the Obama campaign when some of his sermons were posted on YouTube and were highly critical of then candidate, Obama and allegedly caused him to be banned from Facebook. More recently he has claimed to have interviewed a woman who went to college with Obama and she said he was gay and prostituted himself to men for drugs.

What hard evidence of this purported assassination does Manning have? Like all conspiracy theories, none, but according to the theorists that only proves there is a cover-up. Yes, there hasn’t been a formal investigation report on the shooting yet, which has led the family’s lawyer to call for one. Although, there is also no mention about a pending or possible paternity suit. There is a Dr. Evans who is a dentist in Groton, CT, which borders New London but the only dentist discovered has an oddly similar name, Dr. Barry Weiss. (Wait, didn’t Barack once go by the name Barry?)

Like all conspiracy theories there is plenty of evidence classified as the “well, we don’t really know if this is true but someone told us it is” variety. For example, the reports were Carey rammed a barrier at the White House but supposedly there was no damage to the front end of her car after doing so. It was reported only that she attempted to ram the barriers but never if she actually did, which would explain the lack of damage.

And then there is the information which has been left out of the Manning story altogether, mostly the part about how she had been suffering mental illness and was on medication for schizophrenia and other disorders. Nor do they mention the fact that Stamford, CT police had been to her house several times for disturbances. And they forget the part about how the baby’s father is now embroiled in a custody battle for the child with Carey’s parents. Of course he could be part of the Obama cover-up team as well.

Admittedly, they do make some sense when they claim Obama is not an American citizen, not a lot but some. But this one is  just a little over the top for some. But who knows, maybe it is true that Barack Obama killed his love-child’s mother. Perhaps, it will come to surface after the discovery of Big Foot.

Commentary by Paul Roy



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3 Responses to "Barack Obama Plus Love Child Equals Murder"

  1. Tim   November 17, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    A good Christian woman slept with a married man in an adulterous affair? I don’t think she’s a good Christian woman. That’s pretty obvious by her actions.

  2. gzuckier   October 6, 2014 at 7:50 am

    So….. Manning believes Obama is gay, and also got this woman pregnant? Golly, he really is an overachiever.

  3. Ernie   December 5, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    Maybe if you weren’t so grammatically inept someone would take you seriously.


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