Deadly Winter Storm in Time for Thanksgiving

storm, deadly, ThanksgivingA deadly winter storm is going to be just in time for Thanksgiving this year. The dangerous winter conditions have been occurring already this year. Friday night in Texas the dangerous winter conditions caused a multi-vehicle accident. This accident killed three and is a preview on how the road conditions will be up until Thanksgiving. This storm is expected to start in the Southeast bringing heavy rain.

The storm will arrive in the Southeast on Tuesday, November 26th. From there, it will head up the East Coast causing dangerous road conditions Wednesday. It was stated that if the storm stays near the coast and develops fully, there are chances it will be a full on nightmare. The East won’t be the only ones impacted by this storm because the entire nation will be affected.

Considering Thanksgiving is one of the holidays with the most travel, this storm is a developing disaster. This storm will affect both those traveling by ground and air. The expected amount of people to travel between Wednesday and Sunday are 39 million including 3 million people flying. If this storm develops to its full potential, it may cause many deaths.

In numerous states rain and snow have been connected with several deaths. Some of the states affected by accidents are California, Nevada and Texas. These are only some of the states already impacted by the conditions of the 2013 winter. In New Mexico Friday, a 4-year-old died after the vehicle she was in went sliding off the icy highway and turned over. The 4-year-old girl was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt.

In California a man was killed Thursday after being electrocuted by a fallen power line. Another man in California died while avoiding debris in the road. On Saturday morning in Texas, a bus that held Willie Nelson’s band lost control and ran in to a highway overpass support. The only injury reported so far was a man with a broken hip.

This deadly storm is expected to run through the southern states through Sunday night. This storm is said to be bringing sleet and freezing rain. Some states may experience snow and extremely cold conditions. This storm is said to hit Texas and Louisiana on Monday then head along the Gulf Coast on Tuesday. Once it passes through the Gulf Coast it will expand towards the north. As of right now it is unknown whether the storm will impact the full East Coast on Tuesday night or Wednesday.

It is suggested the public takes extra precautions during this busy holiday. One simple precaution to take if traveling this holiday is to wear your seatbelt. This may sound very simple but some people over look it. A seat belt could be the difference between living and dying. Another safety precaution is to drive slowly; it may save your life.

The roads will be slick therefore you must watch out for other drivers. If the nation gets the storm full on, there will be a lot of ice. Try to not pass another driver considering there will be black ice on the roads. This holiday season be careful for the sake of your life and others. The dangerous winter conditions are beginning already so even if your state is not affected by the deadly storm this Thanksgiving, still take necessary precautions to stay safe.

By Anjulina MaComber