Health of the Rich and Famous: Wealth Dependent Health?

How the Rich and Famous Fare

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Wealth dependent health of the rich and famous, is it different from the country’s health in general?  This is a review, or consider it a little journey with some of the wealthiest business people and movie stars that are living today.

wealth dependent healthOracle founder, Larry Ellison is rich to the tune of $41 billion.  He is a master of business and a self-made  man, but actually dropped out of college.  Mr. Ellison looks fit and ready to take over the world.  Wealth may equal health with Mr. Ellison.



Another business pioneer who has earned critically acclaimed fame from items of worth and non-worth:

wealth dependent healthRick Harrison, of Pawn Star’s fame, has cultivated his wealth by televising his pawn shop’s daily activities and shenanigans.  He is a big guy and fame does not seem to slow his physical growth around the tummy region.  In the wealth versus health category, he may have always had his girth.



One last look at this unscientific view of wealth versus health:

wealth dependent healthRoseanne Barr is an accomplished actress, director and producer of television. She formerly took national small to large-sized stages as a stand-up comedian. Roseanne is known for her yo-yo dieting and all around publicly displayed attack of weight.  She currently is looking fitter and even quite lovely. This picture was the one from Roseanne’s infamous rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Perhaps, some heavier people use humor as a coping method?  Is it wealth that brought health to Roseanne or just an excellent makeover financially possible due to her successful career?

Hopefully, the reader is now laughing at the ridiculously unscientific approach to deciding whether health is easier for the rich and famous.  Now the question can once again be approached; is wealth dependent on health?  Maybe not, but further review of the below financially successful people and what they have to say about their fitness/diet journey – draws further considerations.

Famous actress and  Thigh Master master, Suzanne Somers talks about her nutrition regimen addressed in her book Sexy Forever,  “I’ll be with you every step of the way…Meal Planning, Recipes, Daily Advice, and more!”  A commentator of a review of Suzanne’s book said this, “I do not feel the dinner plans are realistic. I cannot afford to purchase foods from gourmet stores, It would cost a tremendous amount of money…”

wealth dependent healthThe argument about the monetary difficulty of eating right has been addressed in the past.  Fitbie, an online information service reported that individuals within the low-income bracket display a significant factor relaying to poor dietary habits and lack of healthy exercises; could this an attribution to the cost relation?

It is important to visit the fast-food conundrum. Huffington Post readers might have seen a recent article, which shared results from the Canadian Journal of Cardiology; just one fast-food meal can immediately result in damages to the arteries.  Based on scientific research, moderation doesn’t apply to junk food.  However, junk food is cheap food and in some cases is the only way to feed a large family inexpensively.

In this short article, the topic of wealth dependent health is only reviewed surface deep.  For those rich and famous people who are neither healthy nor nutrition-conscious, an argument could be made that economic status is no theory to explain the health of those who can afford to buy the best in organic foods. Additionally, for those who hire private chefs to ensure the proper foods will be used in their meal plans.  Even Kathy Griffin, D-list star, loves a fried twinkie now and again when visiting Las Vegas!

Health of the rich and famous;  is it wealth versus health?  Commentary, more scientific and economic arguments are welcomed here at Guardian Express Las Vegas.  Let us know what you are thinking.


By Lisa M Pickering


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