Inglewood – Officers Injured and Gunman Holding Hostages




Inglewood is saturated with police as negotiators attempt to resolve a hostage situation which is underway. Current reports are that two officers have been injured and a gunman has holed himself up inside of a home with two hostages.

Witnesses have stated that a young girl was seen screaming and running out of a home before she was seized and dragged back inside the residence. According to the Inglewood police Captain, the incident originated with a call to authorities about a domestic disturbance. Officers were dispatched to the home around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Upon the arrival of police it is reported that the gunman opened fire on the officers, striking one officer in the chest. The officer stuck by a bullet was wearing protective armor and did not sustain serious injuries. The gunman is now inside of a residence with hostages as negotiators attempt to resolve the crisis.

By Daniel Worku

Washington Post