Karla Alvarez: Life as Dramatic as Her Characters [Update] [Video]

Alleged respiratory failure not yet confirmed

Alvarez, 41, led a wild life

Reports indicate deceased Mexican telenovella star Karla Alvarez’s life was almost as dramatic as the characters she played.

Her brief marriage to fellow actor, Alexis Ayala, from 1994-1996, ended in divorce amongst whispers of abuse. A subsequent relationship with director Armando Zafra also failed. During her 50-day stay on Big Brother in 2003, Alvarez attempted a romance with Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin that also went nowhere.

El Universal reports from Mexico that Alvarez’s recent issues with alcohol lead to Que Bonita Amor producer Salvador Mejia firing her. Also, last month she was attacked by six men who demanded the keys to her vehicle and physically attacked her.

In October of this year, reports surfaced that Alvarez had been diagnosed with cancer over a year ago but she denied having cancer. The actress also denied she was being forced from Amor amid the rumors of problems with alcohol and eating disorders.

However, various media outlets had video of Alvarez obviously intoxicated leaving bars and clubs. In one incident, she was caught outside a bar in Miami under the influence.   In 2010, she is filmed  by paparazzi outside a restaurant in Polanco. Apparently photos of Alvarez asleep at  her table  were released.  There is also video of the star demanding the keys to her car from friends who continued to refuse due to her inebriated state. The friends eventually got her into  a car and escorted her home.

Love, support and wishes of “descando en paz” or rest in peace continue to flood the internet as more information becomes available in this tragic loss. Funeral arrangements have not been released at this time, nor is there any update on the cause of death. Police reported that Alvarez appeared to have died of natural causes due to respiratory arrest, but this has not yet been confirmed by medical examiners or autopsy.

TabascoHoy.com has reported that Alvarez’s manager, Nuria Ariza, did confirm the actress’ remains were delivered to the Gayasso funeral home in Felix Cuevas around 3 AM on Saturday. The family is closely guarding the final destination for Alvarez’s body at the current time, amid the drama surrounding her death.

Karla Alvarez, 41, was found dead of apparent respiratory failure in her home in the Fuentes del Pedregal neighborhood on Friday, Nov. 15, 2013.  Her death was confirmed by Mexican  reporter Gustavo Adolfo Infante  via Twitter after speaking with Alvarez’s sister. “Desafortunadamente confirmo el fallecimiento de la actriz Karla Alvarez a los 41 años de edad. En paz descanse.”  (Unfortunately I can confirm that actress Karla Alvarez, has been found dead at 41-years old. Rest in peace).

As her many fans and co-workers have already said, she will be missed. Many fans grew up watching Alvarez as she portrayed villainous characters in a career that spanned 20 years of television and theater. She was a professional dancer, attended the National School of Contemporary Dance, and graduated from the Center for Arts Education Televisa (CAE) and was nominated for various awards for her work. Alvarez appeared in several beloved novellas and television programs throughout her career as well as a number of stage plays.

Descanse en paz, Karla. Esta’ en lost manos de Dios. Nunca te olvidaremos.

By Brandi Tasby

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