Karla Alvarez Was Suing D’Agostino, Court Papers Show

Alvarez allegedly suing D'Agostino

In yet another twist in the death of Mexican telenovella star Karla Alvarez, court papers have surfaced indicating Alvarez was suing Antonio D’Agostino Marolla for possible proprietary materials that she did not give him permission to possess or release.

Papers  indicate Alvarez suing D'Agostino

D’Agostino was at one point claiming to be married to Alvarez since February this year, but recanted that statement once Carlos Alvarez, Karla’s father, made a statement discounting his relationship to his daughter.

Mr. Alvarez indicated that his daughter never mentioned being married and that D’Agostino could not be trusted. He called him a “charlatan” and an “opportunist.” Mr. Alvarez discouraged people from listening to D’Agostino because he was not speaking the truth about his daughter.

The court papers, released on Regiando, seem to show Alvarez was suing D’Agostino as an unspecified family member. Friends indicate the two were not married, but fellow actor Felipe Najera acknowledged the two were partners. Others indicate D’Agostino appeared to live in the apartment where Alvarez was found dead, and according to his own statements, was present when she died.

D’Agostino disputes the preliminary theory that Alvarez died from respiratory failure and the Mexico City District Attorney’s findings that her death was related to complications due to eating disorders. According to D’Agostino, he was present when Alvarez died and he says she choked on a quesadilla.

The District Attorney reported no emergency medical teams were called to the scene because a doctor was present and confirmed a natural death which also negates any forensic investigation of the premises. The police did not report or refer to D’Agostino’s presence and current information indicates Alvarez was found dead Friday by her maid.

No autopsy has been performed on Alvarez’s body thus far, and reports indicate her remains are being held at a funeral home pending cremation at an unreleased location. Considering the information coming to light, it is believed that an investigation into D’Agostino’s role in Alvarez’s life -and possibly her death- will be underway this week.

Alvarez’s family has requested that the location of her funeral as well as the cemetery where she will be laid to rest be withheld from the media to ensure their privacy. Rumors of eating disorders and alcoholism plagued the telenovella star throughout her career and she repeatedly denied them as true. With the findings of cardiopulmonary failure due to eating disorder complications, one can no longer take her denials at face value.

It is hoped that the investigation will answer the questions that have arisen since Alvarez’s untimely death Friday. Fans and family members are eager to know exactly how the beloved actress died, and if anyone or anything could have saved her from her fate.

Gone too soon, Alvarez died only a month after her 41st birthday. Recent reports indicate she was seeking help for anorexia and bulimia, the eating disorders which have apparently troubled her over the course of her 20 year career in theater, television, and movies. The Latin world is absent a shining star this weekend and grief and condolences continue to pour forth as more details are released on Alvarez’s final months and death.

By Brandi Tasby


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