Microsoft Bans Users After Early Shipment of Xbox One

Microsoft Bans Users After Early Shipment of Xbox One

Microsoft has banned a user from getting a jumpstart on playing his new Xbox One after receiving the gaming console weeks early.   18 year-old Andre Weingarten was more than happy to receive his pre-order.  So much so that he posted a video of himself opening his brand new Xbox One on YouTube.

After the shipment from Target arrived Weingarten, known to his fellow online gamers as Moonlight Swami, couldn’t wait to get started.  He was able to get in a few hours of play time before discovering that Microsoft had remotely disabled his new toy.  Yes, the gaming giant had found out and Weingarten was greeted with the message “Your console has been banned for terms of use violations.”

Microsoft hasn’t only banned early users after playing Xbox One.  The video that Weingarten had posted on YouTube was also removed by Microsoft, this time claiming copyright infringement.  At the time of removal the video had received over 8,000 views in less than two hours.  This just goes to show that you don’t mess around with Microsoft.

With the flood of new XBox One information being unleashed and with Microsoft releasing a new 12-minute demo video the buzz surrounding the latest gaming console has reached new heights.  The official launch date isn’t until November 22nd, just in time for the black Friday sales and holiday shopping rush.  It’s a wonder how Target was able to ship several of the consoles early.  Microsoft will make sure that heads will roll for this egregious error.

Another lucky online gamer decided to make a tidy profit out of Target’s mistake.  eBay seller priceless 228 is auctioning off their Xbox One console for the astounding starting bid of $999.  The good news is that they are raising money in order to create products for special education students.  For those who cannot wait another two weeks, and who have very deep pockets and very little common sense, here is also a buy it now option for the ridiculous price of $10,000.  At first Microsoft was calling for the auction to be disabled and then ordered the page to be removed.  But the bottom line is that since the console wasn’t stolen goods he was free to auction it off if he so desired.  The latest news is that the seller has removed the listing for the time being.

As frustrating as the leaked console must be for Microsoft, it’s not uncommon.  Microsoft can ban any user who received their shipment early.  It’s their prerogative.  Microsoft will most likely release the ban once the November 22nd launch date is upon them.  It’s only fair that everyone wait to experience the game at the same time.  Microsoft is making no promises on the quality of their product until that date.

It’s absolutely within Microsoft’s right to ban any users who received an early shipment of Xbox One.  November 22nd is just around the corner.  Everyone can just hang on for two more weeks and see if it actually lives up to its hype.

By Mary Kay Love


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