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It’s a wonder just how many people so often complain about police officers in the United States. It seems as if all of their contributions to our world and security are lost on a thankless population. How can anyone forget all of the wonderful things that officers have done for the American people?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at all of the wonderful services cops have offered us in the past. Maybe then we can all appreciate how much police officers stand up for what’s right.

In 2008, Brian Sterner was arrested by police officers for a traffic violation. Following this criminal offense, Sterner was taken into Orient Road Jail in Tampa, where an officer refused to believe that he was quadriplegic and pushed him out of his wheelchair. Sterner fell forward and was unable to catch himself or fall at a safe angle. For some reason, the deputy was shamed by Sterner’s family and others who heard about the incident. However, after the heinous crime he committed, was the officer not completely justified in punishing him as she saw fit? Some people don’t deserve the privilege of a wheelchair, and she was just trying to do her job.


United States officers are also always racially tolerant and never discriminate, as they’ve proven time after time. Last year, an officer in Philadelphia hit a Puerto Rican woman in the back and punched her in the face at the Puerto Rican Day Parade unprovoked. The officer, Jonathon Josey, was accused of racial profiling. The accusation stuck and the police department dismissed him from his job, not realizing that the woman’s annoying excitement was a valid reason for the assault. She obviously should have been arrested, too. It seems that people always forget that excessive happiness is indeed a criminal offense that always goes unpunished.

It’s also important to remember that if there is anything we should commend police officers for, it’s their respect for the people they pull over, especially women. People just always mistake their humor for insolence or brutality. One such case took place in Florida, where a woman named Leila Tarantino was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. Police officials who stopped her allegedly pull her out of her car and strip searched her in front of her two children. They just wanted to put on a show for the kids, but Tarantino didn’t find it funny. She has filed a lawsuit against the police department. Women are so sensitive, sometimes.

Even after all of the favors that police officers do for us everyday, so many of us badmouth them and portray them in a negative light. The American public clearly likes to twist the reality of situations so that cops who are only trying to do their jobs are made out to be malicious criminals. ┬áPeople are obviously just biased and have blurred the lines of wrong and right, legal and illegal. Instead of realizing that people in uniform are actually here as the only reliable source for protection, we accuse them of being bullies, causing everyone to try–and fail–to protect themselves.

Well, aren’t we a society for sore eyes?

By: Hend Salah

Information Clearing House


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