Pregnant Blogger Harms Baby With Radical Diet?

Pregnant blogger radical diet

A pregnant blogger has sparked concerns that she will harm her developing baby by following a radical diet during the entire course of her pregnancy. The diet will consist only of raw fruits, juices and vegetables. Loni Jane Anthony has publicly said that she does not care what any of her readers think; she’s going to be following an “80-10-10” diet that will consist of mainly carbohydrates and very little fat or protein. The internet, as usual, is furious.

Anthony makes it clear she doesn’t care what others think, and says her readers who disagree with her can “go slip on banana peels.” It comes as no surprise that nearly everyone has something negative to say, and this would hold true no matter what Anthony chose to eat. This is one defiant pregnant blogger.

Because our society has made cyber bullying and harassment commonplace, even acceptable, Anthony’s readers as well as her fellow bloggers feel completely free to fling unlimited nasty comments her way and say that she is harming her baby with her “radical” diet.

In reality, we are each free to eat whatever we choose no matter what phase of life we are in; and we should be free to do so without constant, unrelenting criticism from strangers. Anthony is almost certainly eating far more healthfully than mother-to-be who gorge on McDonald’s, but you’ll never see anyone going up to an expectant Mommy and ripping a Big Mac out of her hands; nor will most people even realize that the foods most of us eat every day are far worse for our health than foods eaten on a raw foods and/or vegan diet such as the one this pregnant blogger has chosen.

Anthony has been on the raw foods diet for about three years now. She says she adopted the diet at first to combat a “party” and heavy drinking lifestyle. She claims she was sick all the time, had acne and other skin problems, and that her health was generally toxic from drinking too much alcohol. Now, she only has one alcoholic drink two to three times per year.

A man calling himself Anthony’s father went on the comments section under an Australian based news story to defend his daughter. He claims that Anthony’s doctor is aware of her dietary habits and has given them the the green light. He also says the doctor is pleased with the baby’s development:

As Loni’s father, some of you need to get a life or get laid! Honestly, some of you people have such a disrespect and foul attitudes, you need a good, hard slap in the gob to sort your attitudes out. I am Loni’s Dad and I appreciate all the other, good hearted wishes from the rest of the comments here. Loni has not done any of this for personal or financial gain, despite what some will say. She has taken a very honest approach to her health and her baby’s and all with the blessing of her Doctor. At this point in her pregnancy, her Doctor is more than happy with her and her baby’s progress. She has always been a naturally very slim girl but has put on about 12kg at the 26th week of her pregnancy, which to any woman who has been pregnant, that is an acceptable weight gain.

To the people concerned about the possible harm this pregnant blogger is bringing to her baby with her radical diet: how, exactly, is this woman’s choice of eating plan any concern of yours if she, her doctor and her family all stand behind it? Here’s wishing Anthony and her new baby all the best and abundant health.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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  1. Maureen Muoneke   March 1, 2014 at 4:43 am

    Having a healthy diet is important in pregnancy. Take care of your health by eating these kinds of food.

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