Rob Ford Allegedly Entertained a Prostitute in City Hall

Rob Ford

Rob Ford has been asked to take a leave of absence by the Toronto City Council after the embattled mayor recently admitted to using illegal drugs.  The Council also voted not to submit a report to the integrity commissioner, but urged Ford to apologize.  Ultimately, it will be Ford’s decision whether to leave or not because the City Council does not have the authority to remove the mayor from office.  With new reports today that  Ford allegedly entertained a prostitute in his City Hall office, the outcome of this drama is far from near.

The meeting of the Toronto City Council was spurred by Ford’s admission that he had used crack cocaine, an admission that only came to pass when a video that had long been rumored to exist finally came to light.  Until the video went public, Ford adamantly denied its existence or that he ever used crack cocaine.  During Wednesday’s meeting, Ford also admitted that while he was in office he had purchased illegal drugs.  After finally admitting to his illegal drug use, another video of  Ford seemingly out of control with anger and declaring his intent to murder someone was also made public.

Saying that his time in office has been good,  Ford refused to step down and said that he will let the voters decide next year during election season whether or not he should remain Toronto’s mayor.  “I have made a mistake. I am human,” he declared.  “I apologize. I want to move on.”

Ford compared the difficulty of the entire experience to the death of his father, saying that the public humiliation has almost been worse.  Denying an addiction to alcohol or drugs, Ford stated, “The reason I drank or did drugs was not because of stress, it was out of sheer stupidity.  That’s all it was.”

On the advice of his attorney, Ford is not cooperating with the police investigation.  As yet, no charges have been filed against him.  According to documents that were redacted that have now been made public, as part of the investigation, mayoral staff members spoke to the Toronto Police Department about Ford’s alleged use of alcohol and drugs as well as alleging that he entertained a prostitute in City Hall. 

According to one staff member, Ford was with a prostitute in the mayoral office on March 17, 2012.  The staff member reports that the mayor consumed 20 ounces of vodka and took Oxycontin.  The documents also contain reports from Ford’s staff, who were ordered to procure alcohol for the mayor.  Another report alleges that Ford drank vodka while behind the wheel.

Displaying no trace of apprehension regarding the next day’s meeting, Ford was seen autographing and selling bobbleheads for the United Way on Tuesday.  The bobbleheads, of which there were 1000, quickly sold out.  One suspects that if the allegations regarding  Ford entertaining a prostitute in his City Hall office had come to light yesterday, they would have sold out even more quickly.

By Jennifer Pfalz


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