Selena Gomez Delights at Home on Thanksgiving

Selena Gomez Delights at Home Thanksgiving

“Dallas! It feels so good to be home!” exclaimed Selena Gomez as she lit up this year’s Thanksgiving halftime show at AT&T Stadium. Her performance kicked off the Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle campaign in front of a crowd of over 87,000.

Right from the start, Selena’s performance energized. She began with “Like a Champion.” The uptempo beats and her rhythmic dance moves gelled melodiously. The sets were impressive, not overbearing. The S-shaped Salvation Army stage subtly made its presence too as it looked great from overhead camera angles.

Just before the start of her second song “Slow Down,” she reminded Dallas fans about how happy she was to be home. The catchy tunes of her performance did not “slow down” despite the song’s name. At some point in the song, she emerges from her circle of dancers, unexpectedly, sans skirt. Instead, she is wearing hot pants, and her outfit now sparks distant memories of Wonder Woman.

She ends the set with her latest hit “Come & Get It.” The intro effectively mesmerizes before it charges the crowd back into the mood to watch some swashbuckling football! After delivering a stellar performance in front of the home crowd, she wishes them a “Happy Thanksgiving.” Not only did the performance sound good, it looked fantastic too. The pyrotechnics were not overdone, but rather provided accents at the right time.

Selena Gomez Delights at Home Thanksgiving

Selena Gomez was carefully selected for the performance. Cowboys executive vice president and chief brand officer, Charlotte Anderson, explained their choice saying that the Cowboys and the Salvation Army wanted to reach out to a younger generation.

 “This generation is yards ahead of us in terms of how they communicate. She is the perfect person to go to when you’re trying to reach that generation.’’

They believe Gomez can inspire young people to give. Last year’s choice was country star Kenny Chesney.

Selena Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas. She was named after the famous Tejano singer Selena who died tragically nearly three years before Gomez was born. She began her career in acting in 2002 playing Gianna in Barney and Friends. Her first big break came in 2007 with a role in three episodes of Disney’s Hannah Montana. Eventually, she released her first album Kiss & Tell in 2009.

Selena Gomez Delights at Home ThanksgivingOther celebrity performances for Thanksgiving today included Ariana Grande in Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. She impressed with her rendition of “Last Christmas” from atop a parade float. Also, Lady Gaga joins the Muppets in a Thanksgiving night special.

Fortunately for Cowboys fans, Selena Gomez was not the only Dallas-based celebrity performing well at AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys bested the visiting Oakland Raiders 31-24 coming back from a 14-point deficit to improve their record to 7-5.

The Detroit Lions opted out of having a music act for their halftime show this year. Instead, Detroit local Tony Lucca backed by local bands and cheer teams took to Ford Field in an effort to highlight community outreach.

Dallas fans, however, could not have asked for a better Thanksgiving football treat this year – thanks to Selena Gomez and the Cowboys getting their job done.

By Fatema Biviji


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