Apple Inc. 10 Top Funny and Intriguing Siri Commands You Didn’t Know

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Siri is the buddy in the car when someone just needs a friend to talk to. The radio may be issuing noises that only irritate the ear and the sound of one’s own singing may create a wince. That’s when the iPhone comes to the rescue and Siri’s bountiful voice of enriched commands spares the thought of another lonely ride home. Siri has a plethora of commands available, some worthy, since they may not be widely known. Here are 10 top funny and intriguing Siri commands you didn’t know.

1. Does Siri Stand For Seriously?

Be sure to prompt this question from the delightful electronic brain and expect a laugh at the crafty reply.

2.Tell Me a Poem

Siri may be able to knock it out of the park when it comes to locating a restaurant or even assisting with the proper spelling, but her poetic skills need a little work. Be sure to leave a comment on the gifted – er, not so gifted reply of Siri.

3. Siri, What Airplanes are Flying Over Me Now?

Yes, Siri is in tune with the aspect of delivering the information pertaining to airplanes traveling over your home or coming towards your home. Trying this on a friend’s phone showed Siri accurately named the planes that were flying over at that time.

4. Change my Appointment With Dr. Smith From 11 a.m. to 9 a.m. 

Have an event set on the calendar and need to change it while in the midst of travel? Siri can make this happen and show the update of the calender for final review.

5. Do You Support Barrack Obama?

Siri likes to stay away from answering items like the age old question “why are we here?” and it seems the feisty electronic assistant also doesn’t like to enter the arena of politics. Check out Siri’s initial response on the phone. After her reply, counter with “why are you avoiding my question?” to really see how simply distant Siri remains on the POTUS.

6. Beam Me Up!

Siri might just respond in a few different variations. She could be less sassy and inquire to network speed or become creative by offering a new standing position to see if it works. Very funny command.

7. Post to Facebook Walking Dead is Over and I am Depressed

Wanting to share with your friends a Facebook status? Siri can help you with that. Truth be told, many users can simply see the amount of random statuses from friends and family on the social media site. Now, grab the phone and be prepared to share a smattering of random moments through the transfer agent. Siri can also open Facebook settings and check for mail from the social media platform.

8. Who Let the Dogs Out?

Need to merge into song? Siri can bust out a tune by simply asking her to join in. Command the above and watch as Siri responds with a lyrical comeback.

9. Set a 30 Minute Timer or Wakeup Alarm

Looking to get in a strong run? Take Siri along for exercise challenges. Instead of manually accessing tools, simply command Siri to set a timer and advise of the minutes. She will have it set for any listed time frame. In addition, set up a wakeup alarm with a simple voice command to wake up at a certain time.

10. Siri, I am Tired of Talking 

Siri knows the level of exhaustive fun she provides, therefore interrupting the latest response with a request for a break is well received. With maternal instinct, the AI recommends partaking of a siesta and she will be ready once the nap is completed.

Siri is informational but also very funny
Siri is informational but also very funny

Siri is an amazing tool; from setting up appointments, managing the calendar and even contacting friends and family. What is surprising is a recent survey took place from Intelligent Voice. From the 2000 iOS participants, they discovered 85 percent of them never used the voice assistant. Siri is enriched with hands-free commands to make life easier and safer. The AI tool can also interpret a collection of words in Morse code, should one ever need. Take advantage of the availability Siri offers when on the go or at home. Have a command not listed here and not commonly known? Share in the comments.

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3 Responses to "Apple Inc. 10 Top Funny and Intriguing Siri Commands You Didn’t Know"

  1. Nidaros   November 28, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Regarding changing appointment times, how does Siri differentiate between them? Might have a more than one set up, not necessarily as recurring. And what if there are duplicate names but different people? I think 85% non users isn’t surprising. Same with androids. Too many things can go wrong thru misunderstanding or misinterpreting. And siri-ously, I hope the “standing position” isn’t yet another weary and obvious double entendre. Esp with so many youthful users. Not up to an app to establish perspectives on such matters.

  2. Alita   November 28, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    I asked her to sing me a bedtime song……. SHE DID, I love Siri

  3. Steven Erickson   December 8, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    I have just started to remember to use it. And I am pleasantly surprised on how accurately it understands voice commands. Great for doing math calculations or metric conversions.


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