Earth Has Hit a Record Cold Temperature

Earth Has Hit a Record Cold Temperature

It has been revealed that the Earth has hit a record new cold temperature. This coldest low was in East Antarctica where it was recorded to be at -135.8 degrees Fahrenheit. That is so cold researchers say it hurts to even breathe.

A new look at satellite information from NASA showed that Earth set this record in August of 2010. It almost happened again on July 31 of this year when the temperature dropped again to -135.3 degrees. The past record had been set at -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ted Scambos, who is an ice scientist located at the National Snow and Ice Data Center explained that the newest record is 50 degrees colder than even anything which has ever shown up in Siberia, northern Alaska or the Arctic.

This type of cold is closer to something that would be seen on Mars on one of its summer day at either of its poles, the scientist added. He was at a meeting in San Francisco at the American Geophysical Union on Monday, when he broadcasted the data. He stated he was positive that such areas were the coldest on all the Earth.

However, this temperature will not make it into any record books because it was measured by satellites and not by thermometers.

Scambos stated he was certainly glad he personally did not know how such a cold temperature felt. But he said that researchers do regularly end up making nude 100 degree below zero runs to the outdoors in the South Pole to prove human beings are able to survive such temperatures. Yet living in such extremes would only be for around three minutes or so.

If researchers do go out in such low temperatures for tests, they have to inhale through a snorkel which brings in air through their coats inside a sleeve and heats it up so they do not breathe in cold air by accident.

This week, the coldest temperature recorded in the United States was 27 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. That was in Yellowstone, WY, said Jeff Masters, who is a meteorology executive that works for a private weather research business.

If one wants to experience soul-crushing cold, he or she must go overseas, Scambos explained. Over there, it is just another type of cold, an entire different level because on such a cold plateau, the conditions are flawless.

The air is extremely dry, the ground stays chilly, the skies are cloudless and so the cold air is able to move downward. It becomes trapped in a frosty lower area where it hugs the surface area and is able to slide all around the ground.

Now just because one such spot on the Earth has ended up setting such a record for cold has little or nothing to do with any global warming, After all it was just one spot in one area. Scambos explained that this was most likely a rare, accidental reading at a place that had not been measured very much before. It could have been hotter or colder in the past and the investigating scientists would not have had any way of knowing.

But it does show the range of cold temperature conditions which are on the Earth, several of which research have not been able to witness before.

By Kimberly Ruble


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