Gun Control Need Highlighted by Colorado School Shooting


The recent shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, highlighted the fact that the U.S. needs to have more stringent gun control laws. There have been several mass killings, such as the one at the Aurora movie complex in 2012 and the shooting at Columbine High School 14 years ago. The United States, and especially Colorado, has had a lot of pain stabbed in its heart losing so many precious lives to mass killings. Gun control laws have always been a debated issue to stop unnecessary killings, resurfacing again on December 13th in Colorado school shooting. New gun control laws have to be reviewed and gun control should be taken seriously.

Karl Halverson Pierson of Centennial, CO, bought the shotgun from a nearby store on Dec. 6th, seven days before the shooting. In Colorado, a person of age 18 or over can buy a shotgun, which made it easy for Pierson to acquire his weapon. Arapahoe County Sheriff, Grayson Robinson, said about Pierson; “His evil intent was to harm multiple individuals.” The Colorado school shooting once again pointed out the ease of acquiring a gun that could be used for unscrupulous purposes. This not only highlighted the gun control needs but also threw an open challenge to the government that this issue has to be taken seriously.

Considering the amount of ammunition Pierson had this may hold true, but at the same time contrary ideas are also floating over the internet. This means in order to stop random and mass killings, gun control laws should be reviewed especially in light of the incident at Arapahoe High School. It also raises the question as to whether these types of occurrences could be prevented by stricter gun laws.

Even President Barrack Obama had pitched for stricter gun control laws. He had really pushed for gun control laws after Newtown, Connecticut, and a lot of tax payer money was spent advertising his position. The Newtown shooting had sent ripples throughout the U.S. and they were under immense pressure to move forward with stricter gun control, but the whole initiative slackened. The gun control laws to be implemented were opposed by a number of organizations like the Georgia Sheriffs Association, stating the move to the control of carrying guns limits rightful gun ownership. One of the opposition leaders was asked for her opinion regarding gun control laws and she commented that legislative decisions are quite old and with changing times, these outdated laws needs to be checked.

Although Obama tried to implement stricter laws, the main line of defense will come from grass root organizations whose opinions do matter. So to stop the gun violence, like that in Colorado’s Arapahoe High School, stricter gun control laws can only be implemented if people of America raise their voices. As described earlier, the Colorado school shooting is not an isolated incident; to highlight the issue of gun control on the political forefront will now seem inevitable.

In the shooting of Colorado school, Karl Halverson was the culprit. Whether Karl Halverson Pierson was a good person is a pointless question; the primary responsibility for such tragic events has to be borne by every citizen of this country. This seems like the gun control need will definitely be highlighted by political parties of USA. Whether it is the ‘gun usage’ or the ‘control of an individual,’ an innocent person dying out for no reason is very painful for everybody.

Opinion by Sunando Basu

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  1. Martin Hedington   December 18, 2013 at 5:03 am

    ‘Legislation’ only applies to law-abiding, sane people, please do the math. Frankly I’m disgusted that attempting to connect the Colorado School shooting with a purported ‘need’ for more gun control displays an entirely flawed conclusion on the part of the writer, as the exact opposite has been proven beyond any doubt, many times. Then again, when has any journalist ever let good old-fashioned facts get in the way of a perfectly skewed argument.


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