Harvard University: Bomb Threat Closes 4 Buildings



Harvard University students, already dealing with Monday’s stress of finals, had to deal with the added stress of bomb threats which caused officials to close and evacuate four buildings. Since the reported threats were received police have been given the all clear to re-open nearby roads which were closed as a result of the threats.

Two of the four buildings, Thayer Hall and Emerson Hall, were the first to be re-opened as the all clear was given. Shortly thereafter a third building, Sayer Hall, was also given the all clear. A fourth building which serves as a science center remains closed until further notice.

No reports of explosions have circulated, and at present it appears that the no actual explosive devices have been found on the Harvard campus. There remains one building still closed awaiting an all clear before the threat can be declared fully addressed however.

Harvard Yard, along with at least one of the classroom buildings has been re-opened to students, and the campus and surrounding public awaits the announcement of a full and complete all clear.

Reports from police, which were circulated by Harvard officials shortly after the threat was announced, state that “there is no reason to believe that there is a threat to any other part of campus.” As of yet, no clear substantiation of the threats has been reported, and it appears as though things are slowly returning to normal for those whose schedules were unsettled by the events.

Students are now attempting to return to a frame of mind suitable to address their looming final exams.

By Daniel Worku


LA Times