Iran and Its Monkey Business

Iran acquires liquid fueled rocket space technology


No matter what the west and the Americans believe after the signing of Geneva accord, Iran is continuing to indulge in monkey business. According to IRNA, Iranian state news agency a monkey was launched into space on Saturday and after the completion of the 15-minute long mission, returned safely to earth.

This is the second mission of its kind. The first mission took place early this year. The name of the first liquid fueled rocket was Pishgam (Pioneer). This second rocket named Pajohesh carried a monkey named Fargam(Auspicious) into orbit. The liquid fueled rocket reached a height of 75-miles(120-kilometers).

Iran has also sent a rat, a turtle and worms into space. Earlier this year it was planned that a Persian cat would be launched into space but for reasons best know to the Iranian space agency the idea was dropped. Instead, on Saturday a second monkey was launched into space and after the 15-minute mission returned safely to earth.

In 1960’s the Americans and the Soviets also sent animals into space. What has been done by Iran is not something new, though, it is dangerous. While the west and America are trying to persuade Iran to stop its nuclear program Iran is going ahead with developing nuclear capability. This monkey business is a clear proof that Iran is on the verge of gaining nuclear capability.

Some skeptics view this launch as nothing more than a publicity stunt while majority of experts are confident that Iran is near its goal of making a nuclear device. The skeptics say that even if Iran was able to launch a monkey into space, the mission failed because the animal was dead on arrival . This was said about the first  or Pishgam rocket launch.

This time round there is no confusion about the fact that the monkey returned safe and sound to earth. Iran holds that its nuclear and space program are for peaceful purposes. The critics, especially Israel don’t think so. The detractors believe that this mission which is advertised by Iran as a step towards sending manned vehicles into space by 2020, is a step to develop its ballistic missile capability. These ballistic missiles can be equipped with nuclear warheads as and when required.

It is dangerous for world peace that Iran acquires the liquid fueled rocket technology.  The next step the western nuclear experts think is the manufacturing of inter-continental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. The P5+1 powers have recently signed an accord with Iran. According to this six-month interim accord the Americans and other powers are ready to ease sanctions slapped on Iran since 2007. Iran even after agreeing to the terms of the Geneva accord is still persisting with its nuclear ambition. The American Congress has cautioned President Obama that if Iran continues with its nuclear program it would impose even tougher sanctions. None of the steps taken by the Americans and it allies are having any effect on Iran. It still continues to move closer to its nuclear goal as the present launch shows.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhini congratulated the scientists and the nation on the successful launch and return of Fargam to earth. It appears no matter to what extent the Americans and its allies appease Iran, it still continues with its monkey business.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


Daily News


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  1. John The Baptist   December 17, 2013 at 7:47 am

    You sound like an Arab? or an Arab puppet servant of Mossad? Are you?

  2. Gigi   December 17, 2013 at 6:09 am

    Who wrote this article? The Mossad? The CIA?


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