Lindsay Lohan Orders an Attack on Barron Hilton

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On December 7th Paris Hilton’s younger brother, Barron Hilton, posted a photo of his bloody face after an altercation allegedly caused by Lindsay Lohan. Lohan allegedly ordered a guy to attack Barron during a party in Miami over the weekend. Barron indicated that Lohan was the instigator in the beating. He claims she was screaming “You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.” A guy then began beating Barron while Lohan was allegedly coaxing him on.

Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, claims his daughter left before the altercation. He said she didn’t want to be associated with the alcohol, violence and drugs. However, TMZ has a video on their website clearly showing Miss. Lohan face to face with the bloody-faced Hilton. She claims she “saw nothing” but the video tells otherwise.

The man who allegedly attacked Hilton due to Lohan’s orders was reportedly trying to flee the country while running from authorities Sunday night. Ray LeMoine was the man who Lohan allegedly instigated into hitting Hilton on Friday. Sources say Hilton was struck after refusing to leave the house LeMoine rented in Miami.

Some sources claim LeMoine arrived at the house early Friday after there had been an unexpected amount of people partying the previous night. When LeMoine asked everyone to leave, Hilton repeatedly asked “Do you know who I am? Do you know who my sister is?” It was said that allegedly Hilton was the one who snapped and began pushing LeMoine.

Lohan is trying to clear her name from being associated with the incident, however the video has a different take on the story. In the video you can allegedly hear Lohan using obscene words claiming “I saw nothing. I saw nothing. Oh I’m harassing you, aw poor you. Look at him, he’s f***ing crying.”

The video shows Lohan getting in to a vehicle with Hilton’s friends confronting her about the attack. Sources claim that Hilton was accused of talking “smack” about Lohan during the party. This was when Lohan allegedly ordered Hilton to be attacked.

At the time, Hilton told the cops he did not know who his attacker was. The only thing he claimed he knew about the attack was that Lohan was behind it all and ordered the man to attack Hilton. This attack is thought to be stemmed from the feud between Paris and Lohan throughout the years.

In 2006 an alleged feud had begun between the Hiltons and Lohan. This occurred after a friend of Paris went on a “firecrotch” rant. The feud began when Brandon Davis posted a video talking about Lohan having a “firecrotch”. His video contained vulgar language and insults. The “firecrotch” fad unleashed a feud that is still going strong to this day.

After Paris had learned of her brother’s beating, she allegedly put a public message up for Lohan and LeMoine stating, “WATCH YOUR BACK!!!” Paris also allegedly commented on her brother’s picture saying “They will both pay for what they did, no one f***s with my family and gets away with it!!”

Lohan continues to deny that she ordered an attack on Baron Hilton. There is no word on how she reacted to the newly found video evidence. Her father continues to back her story up claiming she has witnesses that would attest to her leaving before the altercation. Paris has not commented on how she will pay Lohan back for what she did to her brother.

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