Rebecca Black ‘Saturday’ Goes Viral!

Rebecca BlackRebecca Black is well known for her annoying, yet catchy, song Friday. It does not seem like two years since the release of that song, but she is now back with a new one. Could Black’s new release, Saturday, be as viral, or as annoying, as its predecessor?

According to CNET it is definitely not as annoying. In fact, critics have claimed that without knowing who she was, they would not have realized that it was Black. For those watching the YouTube star for the first time, they would be forgiven for believing that she was yet another Simon Cowell manufactured pop star.

It has definitely proven to be just as good as Friday when it gained eight million views within two days of being on the video sharing website.

The two years wait has shown Black and her friends more grown up. Instead of the repetitive lyrics and cheesy video, she and her friends are playing poker and taking selfies, not to mention twerking much like 21-year-old Miley Cyrus. She also raps briefly during the song and has the sound of singer Ke$ha in the song.

However, there are a number of references to Friday in the video. Some of the most notable include the words FUN, FUN, FUN written on a guy’s face and a trip in a car–has she chosen which seat she will sit in?

Black released Saturday after releasing a reaction video to her first video, but likely never expected it to go viral as quickly as it did. On Black Friday fans—and those not quite fans—were able to see her as she bopped along and cringed to the chorus that she recorded two years ago.

It was not easy for Black after the release of her first viral hit. The teenager was bullied repeatedly, and her video is number two in the most disliked YouTube video. Only Baby by Justin Bieber beats her to the top spot. She decided, with her parents, to switch to homeschooling to avoid the bullying. That may have also been the reason for stepping away from the microphone until she developed a more grownup sound.

The teenager also had to have a bodyguard, after her parents decided that it was the best for her safety. After that, she promised that she would never release another hit about the day of the week. That promise lasted two years.

The video for Friday cost the then 13-year-old $4,000 to make. Nothing has been released about the cost of the new hit, but this time she teamed up with Dave Days, another internet hit.

The video also has references to a number of other singing stars and controversial acts, including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Cyrus.

People are now guessing when Sunday will be released, and whether the internet sensation will release an album covering all the days of the week.

The viral Saturday video was released by Black on December 7, and currently has almost 9.3 million views, and already nearly 60,000 dislikes. There are mixed reactions on the YouTube comments. The video is below for people to make up their own minds about whether it is any good.

By Alexandria Ingham

The Independent

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