Los Angeles Bus Crash Injures 13 People

los angeles13 people have been injured after a bus crashed in Los Angeles, according to reports. 38 passengers were on board of the tour bus heading along the Baldwin Park Boulevard off-ramp from the westbound 10 Freeway.

At 4:37 am on Monday, the bus driver took the Los Angeles exit too quickly and lost control, according to Eduardo Magana, a passenger. It crashed into a fence and blocked the door, trapping all 38 passengers and driver.

Fire fighter broke the glass to get everyone out. Luckily there were no fatalities. 13 people withstood injuries, most of them being minor. All were taken to the local hospital for safety measures.

The Travel Tours Americas International bus was going to Panorama City and Eagel Rock.

Los Angeles officials are still working on the cause of the accident.

This is the third bus crash in Los Angeles in the last seven days, but luckily it only caused the injuries to 13 people. In two separate crashes on Thursday, there were two fatalities.

By Alexandria Ingham

CBS Los Angeles

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