Christmas Lights ‘Ditto’ Amuses Neighbors in Medina

Christmas Lights ‘Ditto’ Amuses Neighbors in MedinaIn the US of A, Christmas lights and decorations are a big thing with everyone vying to be best, but for some people in Medina it was just easier to “ditto” the neighbors’ wishes.

You know how some suburban areas just glow with all the many lights on everyone’s homes.  There are lights on the roof, on the chimney, on the windows, the lawn, the driveway.  Santa flashes, his reindeer too, as neighbors go crazy trying to outdo each other each festive season.

Well some couples don’t actually agree on how to go about such decorations.  In the case of Jeremy Brown and his lovely wife Sheila, there’s always a problem as to the number of Christmas lights needed on their home and garden to give an ample display.  As Brown  says, “One of us likes to have lights and the other doesn’t like to put them up.”  Do the math.

What Brown and his wife  normally do is to hang a simple and modest light display on the frame of their front door and call it Christmas.

However, this year, Brown, who is the lead pastor at a local church in Medina, decided to inject some of his own personality into the whole decorations theme.

He waited until his neighbors completed their epic décor – with their lights framing the whole house, lining the fence, over all the trees, and even including some brightly lit animals in the yard.

What he told the media was that when your neighbors put up lights and decorations like that, what can you do?  Either be jealous about the whole thing, or you can be funny.  Then he realized that he could combine the Christmas décor with his own famous brand of sarcasm, and get it just right.

Brown then did his own little, and maybe not all that subtle, thing.

He visited his garage, found some plywood together with some lights and cobbled together the perfect sign, reading “Ditto”.  The sign includes a large arrow which points directly at his neighbor’s shiny Christmas-lit house.

Yes, that’s right, he created a sign in white Christmas lights with the word “Ditto” which now thoroughly amuses his Medina neighbors.

Even his immediate neighbor, he who goes to all that trouble with extensive decorating every single year, thought the idea was really funny.

By word of mouth, the news got around town about Brown’s original non-decorations, which started to draw people directly to the street where Brown and his wife live.  Just goes to show, you don’t need to be fancy to get the attention.

As Brown said:

“It’s been pretty funny sitting and eating dinner or whatever and watching just a consistent string of people making a circle to take a picture of your sarcasm.”

Apparently their home is now well known even in the surrounding areas, and photos of the sign are doing the rounds on Facebook too.

Brown said that he was in a Starbucks in Jackson recently and I guy said that he had seen a photo of the lit up sign on Facebook and that it was hilarious.  Apparently yet another guy, a complete stranger, said, “You’re not the guy that did the ditto thing, are you?”

So it seems originality rather than effort can rule the day when it comes to the local holiday decorations in Medina.  Why go to all that effort and expense to impress everyone, when all you need to do  is ditto the neighbor’s Christmas wishes?

By Anne Sewell

USA Today

Jackson Sun


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  1. Heather Pilkinton   December 23, 2013 at 8:54 am

    I love this. Now I know my plan for next year.

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