P 5+1 Hypocrisy and Iran

German hypocritical stance concerning Iran exposed.


Ever since Iran signed the Geneva accord with the P 5+1 ( five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany) the hypocrisy of these powers vis a vis Iranian nuclear program is gradually but surely being exposed.

The atmosphere concerning the interim six-months deal reached is upbeat. Though it goes without saying that the November 24 Geneva accord has divided the world into two opposite camps. On the one hand are states that have welcomed this deal and are certain that with the easing of sanctions Iran will stop its nuclear program for good. While on the other hand are states that view Iran as a renegade nation, which is only hoodwinking the world for the time being. These states lead by Israel and followed by the Sunni allies of America in the Middle East are convinced that Iran is not going to give up its nuclear dream no matter what.

Their fears have been further reinforced by the latest news that Germany, the +1 in the P5+1 ( America, Britain, France, Russia and China) has been dealing with Iran even under the west, U.S. and UN imposed sanctions regimen. An Israeli newspaper has leaked a list to the world media confirmed by the National Council for Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an opposition Tehran based group. This list exposes the hypocritical stance of  Germany concerning the Iranian nuclear program. According to the newspaper report Germany has been dealing with Iran despite the international sanctions since 2012.

According to the Iranian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK), 136 German companies are currently trading with Tehran. The most alarming aspect is that two of the German firms named specialize in manufacturing industrial equipment specifically used in nuclear plants. These two German companies are Bomafa Armaturen GmbH and Genu GmbH represented by Sinarad Kala, Ltd. in Iran. In 2012, these German companies exported goods worth 2.5 million euros, specifically pertaining to the mechanical and chemical engineering sectors. This trade has been going on despite that fact that the German laws concerning commercial agreements are very clear that,”every product that could be used for both civilian and military purposes belongs to the category of dual-use products that require the approval of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.” Hence, it can’t be ruled out the the German government had full knowledge of these commercial ventures.

In addition on Nov. 8, spokesman of the banking giant USB, ” had arranged trade financing for Swiss exporters involving four Iranian banks allegedly taking part in deals related to weapons of mass destruction.”  The spokesman added that there had been no transactions since February 2012 with the the Iranian banks.

President Obama is great under pressure from Congress that if there is a slight hint of non-compliance by Iran to the terms of the six-months interim Geneva accord, the House would slam Iran with even more tougher sanctions. Further, U.S. based companies dealing with Iran have been warned to exercise full transparency and caution in commercial enterprises they undertake with Iran.

Political skeptics in America and the world are of the firm view that as the time passes by more instances of hypocrisy of world powers, especially P5+1 concerning Iran will come to light.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


The Washington Post


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