Paul Walker Killed in Car Accident Devastates Generation Y

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One can visit the official fan-page of Paul Walker and see the dedicated list of 5.2 million fans grow, as over 2 million more heartbroken fans wanted to confirm hoax was now fact. Paul Walker is dead. His death has has left his generational following stunned as generation Y and many fans within generation Z cope with this sudden loss. A touch of mortality has hit close to home as someone they watched, admired and cheered on will soon be buried by his family and daughter.

Impact of Paul Walker’s Death

Visiting Facebook revealed a lot. It showed the commitment, the love and disbelief of generation Y fans. Millions followed the fast-paced, racing movie The Fast and the Furious, which starred Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. The movies have always been a box office success and brought in generation Y fans in droves. A majority of Walker’s fan are about, 33 years old and younger, a dedicated fanbase that immediately attended the next sequel of the F&F brand.

Walker’s death is to generation Y as Heath Ledger’s death was for generation X. It brings a familiarity of being closer to that age and understanding how cruel and

Walker in Varsity Blues attested to his acting abilities
Walker in Varsity Blues attested to his acting abilities

ugly death can be. This stuns the generational following, resulting in a raw feeling of mortality and perhaps even a fear of the the unknown. Life becomes more considered as fans realize Walker was more than just a cool actor, he was a father to his 15-year-old daughter, a son and loved by millions.

 The Aftermath of Untimely Death

For years, teenagers and young adults have tossed up a “whatever” when it comes to bad habits, or living recklessly. They go to school, work, hang out with friends

and determine the next step in their life within that moment. Now, there is a new discussion bringing them to the table. A somber feeling of the unknown as they realize death is real and it can touch those one never expected. Chatting with a 22-year-old student on Facebook showed the impact and aftermath to come from the untimely death of Walker. Guardian Express is identified as GE and “Tony,” the student will be listed as T.

GE: It seems to have impacted a lot of young adults. I have a brother around your age and his friends were stunned in really powerful ways. Death has taken hold of other actors like James Gandolfini and Marcia Wallace, but the deaths that have really taken hold for your generation is Paul Walker and Cory Monteith. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

T: The Sopranos were cool to watch I actually didn’t know Tony Soprano died until like a week ago! I think it’s because The Fast and the Furious was just such an awesome movie. I love cars and honestly it’s really hard to find a connection like that on the big screen. There was just something badass to it, you know Paul was badass. He was invincible on the roads in the movies and it’s like ‘what?! he’s dead?’ it’s just crazy. That’s someone you just don’t expect. My sis was all hung about Cory’s death, was not much into Glee but she was a mess when he died.

GE: How do you feel about his death?

T: Heh. I rather not say. Not the type to want it broadcast.

GE: Tell you what, we’ll change your name to protect your identity. Your response, trust me, is felt by others – but sometimes it may need to be understood to generation X folks like me or even baby boomers. Personally, death is horrid and I was stunned to hear Paul died in such a horrid accident. But, the impact; literally how his younger fans responded was almost intense. One friend’s daughter put on her status she was going to bed, sobbing. It made me say “whoa.” How did it impact you, as a young man?

Co-stars Vin and Tyrese have expressed their disbelief and grief
Co-stars Vin and Tyrese have expressed their disbelief and grief

T: I guess it’s bothered me more than I let on. I went to bed super late last night because it’s like I needed to BS with my friends. Yeah man, it was messed up and we still can’t believe it. This was someone we connected with. If you knew cars, you knew F&F, you knew Paul and that was something. He was just cool, he wasn’t full of himself like so many actors. He wasn’t out to become pig rich and take every movie role. He had fun and you can see that in his acting. It bothers people my age, because it seems so unfair. Man, a hoax just went around and in under 24 hours he’s dead? It just seems shady and wrong. Yeah, it’s definitely bothered me more than I can say.

GE: Thanks, truly. I know how hard that was, but your words show a deeper connection to understanding mortality for your generation. Sometimes releasing that pent-up thought can start a healing process.

T: Yeah. Mortality, that’s a good word right now. Makes you a bit jumpy.

RIP Paul Walker

Paul Walker who recently celebrated his 40th birthday surrounded by friends and family has died. He made his mark across the globe. From Varsity Blues, She’s All That and the breakthrough movie, The Fast and the Furious, Walker will continue to shine for millions of his fans. His death stuns a generational following, as they cope with the aftermath of understanding mortality. Walker is survived by his only child, daughter Meadow Walker and his immediate family. What are your thoughts on Walker’s death and how did it impact you?


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17 Responses to "Paul Walker Killed in Car Accident Devastates Generation Y"

  1. traudel   December 29, 2013 at 5:41 am

    I’m 50 and it hurts me,I miss him so much it feel’s like someone ripped my heart out. But he will never be forgotten, he will live on in our hearts and he will walk beside us always and maybe some day we will meet him again so for now rest in peace sweet angel Paul we love you.

  2. Laura   December 7, 2013 at 2:49 am

    Im 24 years old i have always loved paul since i can remember big ff fan im struggling so bad its unreal im crying everyday i just feel for his family and freinds so bad he was peferct in everyway why was such a kind man taken away from this world not gonna be the same without him its just dosent seem to be sinking in that he as gone i live in a small town in england so never had chance to see him in flesh and it guts me so bad now i never will im heartbroken u will stay in my heart forever rest in peace never be forgotten xx

  3. carol panagos   December 5, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you

  4. carol panagos   December 5, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Rest in peace Paul Walker you will be missed.


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